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What inspires your creativity? What blocks or stunts it?

I like being around other creative people. It always amplifies that in myself. A good conversation. An enjoyable song...

on the other hand, staying in the same box all the time (not doing new and novel things) tends to stunt it. Also, my analytical nature can do the same.

what gets you feeling inspired?
what prevents creative blockages?
and what creates them?

silvereyes 8 Dec 30

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I have analytical and creative talents also. Collaboration inspires me in both science and art but my final solutions are always accomplished alone in a quiet space. I need a carefree mind for creativity. I need a focused mind for problem solving.


I am inspired by the people i encounter every day, like family, and good friends


I make real expensive things so finance always is my hang up but science and the beauty of the possibilities of nature are my inspiration.


I find being too busy and stressed undermines my creativity. I'm much more likely to have a creative streak when I'm relaxed and have plenty of time on my hands to think.


lol, YOU for one! You did inspire me to continue the Tale of one flatulent but amazing fast unicorn!

My act leads and models, of course. Only one of the songs on my wall wasn't inspired by the Treasure photoed.

I could go on and on but my best inspiration, and what I consider to be my best work, seems to come from...nowhere! POOF Idea! Start writing!

Was, is and still could be! I have a few interesting ideas but here is one of many places my Treasures take the lead if they so desire.

Notice the setting is still obscure. You could be a princess to pauper, in any setting typical, historical, mythical or mystical.

It occurred to me SilverEyes would be a great wood elf name...hmmm...


Inspiration cannot be bottled, sold or acquired. I find inspiration comes from anything or any situation if you are in the right frame of mind. Usually an oddity, difference or the wrong word in a conversation gets me thinking and the rest goes from there. Forcing it often produces inferior results but I have no idea what would prevent a blockage.


Geeze! I'm lost there. Trying to get my toy ready for camping is one. Fixing things is another one if the things I do. I'm a handy man kind of guy.

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