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QUESTION Are You An Atheist, An Agnostic, Or A Believer? - Quiz -


I rated if I needed a quiz to tell me!

Over simplified, yes, but it definitely has its insights and

DangerDave 8 Jan 3

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A pretty good list of questions - we hope to add similar "profile" questions like these on our site.

Admin Level 8 Jan 3, 2018

That's an awesome idea, especially for our newcomer nonbelievers, fence riders and the like.

In fact, if you ever decide on a "front page" with the members' areas linked that would be a good choice for "top and center" in my opinion...I can see how many might be confused just jumping into the discussion area, some days more....much more...than others!


Imagine my surprise. The quiz said that I'm an atheist!
I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

What?!? You thought you were an agnostic?

PLEASE tell me you didn't think you were a 7th day adventist!

@DangerDave LOL

Oh man me too! How did that happen? must be Obama's fault

@Blizzard Isn't everything?


I started the quiz but gave up because the options didn't really apply to me on many of the questions.

I had a few "closest to" myself.


Consider myself as Atheist, and the test confirmed it, so life is good. LOL


Calls me an atheist. Not surprisingly, based on the narrow questioning.

I know I'd be pissed. 😉


I came up agnostic but the options in those questions were pretty biased at times


I shared it on my FB page. 🙂

Me too...but all my FB friends, theists included, know already.

@DangerDave I just want to see how many (if any) will take the test.

hehe...keep us posted!

@DangerDave So far nothin'.

Offer free beer and candy.

@DangerDave I tried that once driving around in my windowless van, but I got into a bit of trouble.


OH NO!!!

Oh make them come to you!


I am an atheist.


pretty weird questions

Well, it is asking questions about religious beliefs..soooo...

@DangerDave some there was no real variation in the choice. phrased like "when did you stop beating your wife"

Well, it was made for FB..sooo...

It also begs to question...when did you stop beating your wife?

@DangerDave i lost my watch


some of the questions didn't have the answers I needed


Atheist. I could tell by how the questions were phrased that's where it was headed.

Zster Level 8 Jan 3, 2018

Turns out I'm an atheist too, although I prefer to prefix it with de facto.


They missed me totally; I am an anti-theist. This was not on the listing.


I ma definitely an atheist. Nothing new after this test.


I'm an agnostic.


It says I'm an atheist, but I didn't really need the test to tell me that. 🙂


I tried to take this but it opened several new windows and looked as if it would take control of my laptop! No need anyway...I am an athiest, now and forever.

Beware then the Quizony quizzes...they are notorious for that...they have to make a buck with all their generic polls and time wasters somehow.


@Admin there we go...I din't get a complete url copy.

So there goes my "perfectness cred" out the window...oh well!


Definitely over-simplified, most multiple choice quizzes are, but interesting. & no surprise for me, Atheist! (& proud!)


You can label yourself as an atheist, agnostic, believer, anything you like, but the BOTTOM LINE will ALWAYS be "YOU DON'T KNOW."


Surprise, I'm an atheist!!


You are: An Atheist

You have things that you believe in, but religion certainly isn't one of them. People may find you to be a bit rigid in your anti-religious stance, but you don't need to bend on what you believe or your personal convictions. If anything, you feel more at peace by not being committed to something that doesn't make sense to you.


Instafail for agnostics:

First question: Do you believe in god

Answers possible:

  • yes
  • no
  • I believe in a higher power just not sure what it is.

I got Agnostic


Absolutely 100% Atheist, always have been and always will be.

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