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Why Is It So Easy to Fool Republicans?

Does Sacha Baron Cohen Have An Answer? [] "Republican Atheists" "Progressives and Socialists"

Krish55 7 July 15

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I think we should arm children while in the womb. I mean, what happens if a bad guy gets into the delivery room? This way the kid is ready coming out of the chute.


His new show premiered tonight. I’m a huge fan of his first show from the early 2000s, but wasn’t really impressed with the new one. Maybe it will get better.


Because they're tribal, and that's all they care about. Truth and reality mean nothing.


Never will you ever fool a replublicans or else the person want to experience the wrath of GOD

gods are not permitted here. Be gone!


For years talk show hosts (radio and TV) have surveyed people (Howard Stern, the earliest use I know of, used strippers; Jay Leno copied him, or at least that's Stern's claim, with people on the street) asking them basic questions. An example, not from a talk show host: something like half of the people in Louisiana blame Obama for FEMA's failures after Katrina! On the other hand, more recently the state elected a Democratic governor after a run off that saw the Republican try to make the Democrat out to be Obama while he tried to make the Republican to be Jindal (the state's previous governor, a Republican of course).


Cohen has to be one hellavA pitchman. The assholes that support this need to be run outta town on a rail. They are too stupid for public office. SMFH


It's just like with anyone wanting to believe something. They want to believe in a sky fairy watching over them or that brown people are less capable. The echo chamber that follows perpetutaes the flawed belief.

dokala Level 7 July 15, 2018

Are these morons for real?


Some people are great at doing magic. Others are great at being in the audience.

Jacar Level 8 July 15, 2018

look at the base. its people that are anti science. they thrive on lies and hear say, and anything that sounds like it fits there agenda, whats more troubling is why so many dems don't get sanders, and the dnc corruption.

@RobLawrence @MichaelSpinler Sanders was never going to get the nomination because he was not and is not a member of the Democratic party. The superdelegates were never going to be his. He would have had to do his part to support down-ballot candidates and help with party fundraising, but he separated himself from that. He's a fantastic public servant - one who is more able than most to focus on work rather than fundraising - but he doesn't have the backing of a major party... yet.

@ginamarie yes he is and was a dem. he used to be an independent. he was not getting the nomination because the dnc had already picked and backed hillary. wasserman stepped down after being exposed, and the dnc admitted they don't have to be democratic, that it is a private org. and they can do what they want. the funds were all but gone in the dnc, hillary is the one who funded it. sanders had to rely on us, with an average of 27 bucks. the corporations just like if not the same ones who own the gop, are the problem. in a fair primary, sander would have won hands down. they have never stopped smearing him, and when it gets closer to 2020 they will do it even more, the corps, cannot have a dem socialist, it would undermine there control and funding. sanders is going to have to landslide the election just to offset the corruption, which i believe he can do.

@RobLawrence He was never really targeted by the GOP. Anyone who runs, like Bernie did, as a Democratic Socialist will fight an uphill battle against miseducation and ignorance, and that's just to address the "socialism" that will be demonized in attack ads.

Beyond that, Bernie tends to ignore personal attacks, which might not help him in "the finals." His creative writing short story that included allusion to rape will bring more of the #metoo animus against him, and we all know that a speck of dirt becomes a full-blown dust devil in the hands of the GOP. Strangely, dirt never sticks to their own candidates because they cloak themselves in faux christianity and wash themselves clean.

His Jewish heritage will receive a subtle antisemitic treatment, bringing out the worst of our nazis against him.

Then there's the problem that he never fully clicked with Black voters. While I agree he bent over backwards to respect their voices, something didn't mesh, and they didn't support him the way they did Hillary. Perhaps, because she's a woman, and women are treated similarly to minorities by politics, they felt she could represent them better.

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