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How many places have you lived in your lifetime?

Which was your favorite? and why?

I've lived in 9 places so far, and I love to travel. I would say Germany was my favorite place, but I don't have enough memory of it. The memories I do have are beautiful and odd. So, I have to say Tucson is my favorite place. Mostly because it's my home town. I lived there 3 times throughout my life, each time at different stages of my life, with amazing memories with friends and family. Good and not so good memories, but I still have a fondness for that place.

Stacey48 8 July 17

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Japan, Germany, Turkey, Panama, England, France, Italy,..USA...lived in IL, TX, KS, IN, PA, AL, SC, NC, NY, GA, KY, LA...moved 32 times so far...I have visited a lot of other places, but anything less than 3 months I didn't count...My favorite was Panama and then Atlanta, GA...

@Shelton Army brat...and the wanderlust stayed with me...hitting Australia and New Zealand next year...

@Stacey48 I mostly travel alone or with female friends...I get very anxious and need to at least drive somewhere at least once a month...I have been known to get in my car and just take off a few days, calling my husband and family when I finally can buy a toothbrush and clean underwear anywhere now, so it makes spontaneous trips

@Stacey48 lol my family thinks I have early on set dementia...I don't...I actually have a small suitcase in my car of essentials, my ipad and my paints...I call them "artist roadtrips"...


Born in California, but I've lived in Arizona almost all my life. Within Arizona, I've lived in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert. I also lived in Dresden, Germany for three years, from 2005 -2008. Germany felt like home.

@Stacey48 It was the best place I've ever lived. If you get a chance to at least visit as an adult, I'd definitely encourage you to go.


I lived in five different states, Arizona I move back and forth in and out of five different times. Lived in different places in Arizona, only been to Tucson couple of times seems to be a very nice town. I love the desert and the sunset and sunrises miss them. Now I live in Oregon closer to my kids I think I will stay for a little while.


I have made 23 moves, 4 here in Omaha, soooo 19 different locations. Among the places I've lived are: Germany twice; Stuttgart and Augsburg, and Okinawa. Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell, WA. Hampton, VA, Rosepine, LA. Overland Park, KS. Seattle and Overland Park were favorites. Least favorite was Rosepine.

@Stacey48 Seattle was great, but expensive.

@Stacey48 Oh yes!! Christmas eve day of 1993 we took the kids and visiting grandparents to the Seattle Children's Museum, and than had dinner at Ivar's. Famous seafood, totally awesome! And during dinner the oldest (age 9) turns to me and says "I don't feel good and my tummy itches." She had broken out with chicken pox. I figure we exposed approximately 2000 people to chicken pox that day.


Cities or houses?


Pittsburgh, PA
Meadville, PA
Brisbane, Australia
Albany, NY
Los Angeles
Vancouver, WA
Boise, ID
Walla Walla, WA
Mediocre Falls, MT
Canon City, CO
Clovis, NM
Ft Worth, TX

I count 12 cities, and (I think) 24 houses.

Every time I move, I vow it will be the last time.

Ozman Level 7 July 18, 2018

@Stacey48 Gotta stay one step ahead of Johnny Law 😉

No, seriously, mostly for work. I do like to travel, and have been fortunate with my career allowing me to do so


When we found my grandmother's address book, it list 32 addresses for my parents during their 69 year military marriage. That has to be some sort of record!


Let's see...Muckleshoot Native American reservation--though I was an infant and don't remember,
Olympia, WA,
Poulsbo, WA,
Seattle, WA,
Hamburg, West Germany (now just Germany)
Seeheim W. Germany
New Orleans, LA,
Tuscaloosa, AL,
Mobile, AL,
& Baton Rouge, LA.

Without question my favorite was Seeheim. Charming 1100 year old German village, cobblestone streets, streetcars, charming old houses, clean, charming stable European lifestyle. AND mostly just nominal religious presence, rather than the devout, aggressive fundy stuff we see so much of in so much of the U.S.

@Stacey48 me too. The ch allenge is money. I have never had the budget for much world travel.


I have lived in five states and it’s not nearly enough


Newcastle, OK
Corpus Christie, Tx
Alice, Tx.
Odessa, Tx.
Jowel, NM
Enid, OK
Norman, OK
Edmond, OK
Orlando, Fl
Kings Bay, Ga
Jacksonville, Fl
Saratoga Springs, NY
Virginia Beach, Va
San Diego, Ca
Alameda, Ca
Treasure Island, Ca
Port Orchard, Wa
Seattle, Wa
Moore, OK

@Stacey48 I was in the navy for awhile


33 different houses over the last 57 years, in 6 different countries and 11 different cities. I like where I am right now but I probably liked living in Bermuda the best.

These are some of the pics from my homes in Bermuda. It was a pretty gorgeous place to live, lots of stress but lots of good times too.


Paris -France

Oxford- U.K

IRELAND MY HOMELAND. Enjoyed them all..


0-17 in So. California
17-32 in Germany
32-49 in Pittsburgh
49-55 in England.
Last few months in Columbus Ohio now in Oklahoma.
Germany was my favourite for many reasons but mainly because they're so reasonable about things.
Germany itself is incredibly beautiful. It's also pretty central to most European countries that makes easy travel to.


In chronological order

Albuquerque NM
Carmel CA
Philadelphia PA
Eldora PA
Charleroi PA
Fisher Heights PA
Cement City PA
Winter Park FL
Irmo SC
Avalon Park FL
New Orleans LA
Goldenrod FL
Kissimmee FL

I will be moving again in 2021.

Life as a musician. I know it well. 😀


A fun question! In my 61 years I have lived in seven homes in two states! As a child I would say that my favorite house was where I was raised, simply because I had so many wonderful memories before we left to move to Oregon. (My entire family is from Oregon, but my father moved us to CA for grad degrees.) I've lived in my present home less than a year - I "down-sized" after selling the home in which I raised my children, and I love my new home. But the home I'd lived in for nearly 30 years was probably my favorite simply because it was a lovely big house and my yard was beautiful with mature plantings. That said, I really love my more modest house (which is half the size of the prior one) because I chose it all on my own, bought it all on my own, and especially that it is mine, mine, mine! The yard is still almost bare, but slowly getting turned into what I want. I am in the same small suburban city that I cannot imagine leaving, but a more modest neighborhood. It might take awhile, but I intend to have the new yard as lush as what I'd left behind. (Photo is after I'd finished one project). Thanks for the question!

Rustee Level 7 July 18, 2018

9 different places in Michigan until I was 31. Then 7 places in Texas. 2 in Nevada. A 5 month stint in South Carolina and 5 months in Stockholm, Sweden.

@Stacey48 It's got to be Sweden. There are other places I wouldn't mind living here in the U.S. but it's hard to pick just one.


Utah ( SLC), California (San Diego, Oxnard, Ventura, Monterey), Florida (Orlando), Virginia (Ft. Belvoir), Puerto Rico (Roosevelt Roads NS), Bermuda (St. George), Saudi Arabia (Al Jubail), Italy (La Maddalena), Texas (Lorena, Marfa, Iraan).


Thank You for your Service Shipmate. I have a daughter born in Roosey Roads. I was stationed in that Secret Little Base in Sabana Seca.

I had friends that worked there.


Think I have run out of flanges to count them on.

azzow2 Level 9 July 17, 2018

9 cities/towns in 5 states (Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, then back to Iowa) over the first 29 years of my life. Now I've been in the same house for 18 years.


New York City, Korea, Germany, Maryland, DC. Not too many. Would love to love over seas again some day.


Ohio, Kentucky, Oregon and California. Ohio is my home state lived in Kentucky and Oregon only 1 year and almost 3 years in California, all by the age of 22. I would love to live in a better state but my children are rooted here in Ohio.


Lived? I'll set my criteria for lived, then you decide. Long enough to unpack, learn about the local culture, work for a living/finish a contract, travel around the area enough to be familiar, make a few friends (some close), buy some local clothing/souvenirs/art, learn at least the basic local language, and go on a few dates (anything in excess of 10 weeks).

Under those conditions, I've lived in 35 countries outside the US, 12 states in the US and 5 territories of the US. Places I've seen (as in brushing my teeth a few times after eating at some local restaurants and flirting with at least one waitress), probably another 20+ countries, including most of the Pacific and Caribbean islands, all the Canadian provinces, and the remaining 38 states.

@Stacey48 -- Don't be impressed. Work, research, and guvmint took me to most of them. Sailboats and old cars took care of the rest.

@Stacey48 -- Oh, you bet I did. It just wasn't my initiative that got me to most of them. As a people watcher, I couldn't have wished for a better life.


1.) Born in Detroit, MI.

2.) Pontiac, MI / Waterford, MI area for 1 year.

3.) Warren, MI for 1 year.

4.) Fair Haven, MI (40-ish miles northeast of Detroit) Grew up and lived there for 17 years.

5.) Houghton, MI (Nortwestern Upper Peninsula) for 5 years to attend Michigan Technological University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Engineering Enterprise.

6.) Cedar Rapids, IA for 7 months. Lived in the area for a co-op / internship at Rockwell Collins.

7.) Virginia Beach, VA since June 2009 for first Electrical Engineering job out of college.


California growing up, Alameda is home town, but short stays in Modesto and Ventura. Then New York City fir five years (Governors Island, the best place I've ever lived). On to Bremerhaven Germany ( a Scheissloch, literally translated) for HS years. Back to Davis, CA fir college, a couple of summers at parents' in Corpus Christi TX and Springfield Va, then back to Alameda. Bought a house in Livermore CA, and stayed 5 years before accepting a promotion and transfer to Denver. Been here 30 years and still hate the Broncos. But there is a great live music scene, and the best climate I've known.


Made in Yugoslavia, more functional than Yugo, than Chicago for 15 years, than spent some time in Syria with the UN and now NC...

Yanya Level 7 July 17, 2018

I assume you are alluding to the infamous vehicle, better than a Trabbi.
I have lived all over, mostly in the US, but also in Russia.


40 ( +/- 3)
No military reasons.

No favorites. Yet.

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