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Is the end of the world happening this week?

The news had been buzzing with Israel news of peace treaties, the announcement of the Messiah, the shofar being blown, rusting "blood" moon, and a mandatory vaccine (mark of the Beast?). Could this be all a coincidence?

Biblebeltskeptic 6 Sep 14

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Hurry, what's the address? You forgot to include it!

I want the rush order. Is that another 69.69?


Religion is like a penis.
It's fine to have one.
It's fine to be proud of it.
But please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around.
And PLEASE don't try to shove it down my children's throats.


So far, I have lived through a half-dozen end times predictions, and that's only counting the ones that made headlines. I'm not impressed by this one, either.


If coincidences never happened then a lot of statisticians would be out of work.

My own world will end when I die. Are you telling me something about my own death that I don't know about?


Everything is normal except for weather and what Trump and those who support him are causing. How he is getting away with stopping social security for 4 months is beyond me. If this carries over into a re-election he has vowed to end social security which will also kill Medicare and Medicaid. Does anyone have a clue as to how we will all get along without those?

I know, right? I don't think we'd manage without those things


You have made me rethink the validity of end times prophesies. I think that...

REM is probably the most accurate and they might be right here. Just have to understand the context correctly:
That's great, it starts with an earthquake (lots of these)
Birds and snakes, and aeroplanes (the bible thought bats were birds and COVID came from bats, right?)
They then go on to eye of a hurricane (have you seen the Atlantic storm basin lately?)
World serves its own needs (do I need to explain this?)
Wire in a fire, represent the seven games (clearly a reference to playoff games as they are best of 7)
Team by team, reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, cropped (the signs are here, just look at the lyrics... Team by team - how are the pros getting sick; trumped - surely the PotUS)
Tell me with the Rapture and the reverent in the right, right / You vitriolic, patriotic, slam fight, bright light / Feeling pretty psyched (these 3 lines sound like political rallies, either in conventions or churches)
Six o'clock, T.V. hour, don't get caught in foreign tower (how did they know there would be a 6 o'clock? And all the ads about "America first, but [our country] second about 4 years ago, clearly working here)
Every motive escalate, automotive incinerate (all passionate groups are escalating their activities and burning cars)

In light of all of this, I don't know how we didn't see the signs before. Has anybody checked on Lenny Bruce?

Last I heard, Lenny was still dead.

@KKGator Breaking Headline: Lenny has risen from his grave.
Oh, and Elvis has been living under a bridge in Memphis this entire time 😉

@KKGator So he is not afraid since he doesn't have a brain to process fear. See, it's all still true!hehehe

@freeofgod Oh shit, and here was I think that he was living just around the corner from my house all this time....LOL
No, sorry, my mistake, that's another local looney-tune we call " Rapping Randall" who wanders the streets armed with his "Ghetto Blaster" and endless Elvis Presley tapes playing on it non-stop as he attempts to sing out loud.


Just seems like a pretty normal week in the 21st century to me. We humans have been fucking things up pretty well since the millennium...but we’ve still quite a way to go to end date yet I think!


I'm pretty sure that the people who lived through October 1929, or December 1941, or November 1964, all thought the world might be coming to an end.

And, the many plagues and epidemics, and the little ice age... As far back as we can go, we can find people who thought the world was coming to an end. The thing is, we now live in a time when we can make that happen--at least as far as our ability to survive on this planet.


Confirmation Bias. It is interpreting events to correspond with an already held belief or bias. So yes it is coincidence.

That's my thoughts too.

We also have some self-fulfilled prophecies come into play. Hmmm...prophesy says this is going to happen, so let's make it happen.


I think you meant to post this in Silly, Random, & Fun 😉


End of the world? Nah....xtians have been using that as an excuse to turn a blind eye since ever. And 'End of the world' is a misnomer. The Earth will rotate and revolve around the sun just fine. It's humanity people are afraid will end.


Yes, coincidence. There has been only one treaty with the UAE, which other Arab countries consider betrayal. 'Messiah' does not exist so those who announce it have always been doing it and will always keep doing it. Shofars have always been blown, I saw it during my visit to Israel. Many mandatory vaccines have been in place since the creation of vaccines to fight pandemic deceases in the past century. "The Beast" is only a Christian invention, unless you want to think of a certain politician, or the beasts in the wild. The world is not coming to an end at all, maybe mankind sometime in the future. For the time being, all you can do is look for new friends or tell your friend to change the subject.

Yes ☝. The world will come to an end, a few billion years from now. In the meantime, we humans might make it uninhabitable for us--or even any life. If that happens it will be our own doing and not due to the acts/plan of any god.


No, the world already ended in 2012, but some silly bugger sent a terminator back in time and averted it, what we are experiencing now is the correct time line trying to reassert itself and this is why everything since then has been a mockery and reworking of something that happened before. The bad remake apocalypse!
The universe has literally run out of ideas.

Perhaps it was just running late

Love the meme! Lol


Yes. Didn't you get the notice in the mail? Oh, right, Post Office.


Surely not another coincidence? If I believed in christ I would believe tRump is the anti-christ. Sent by that sweet devil Beelzebub.
The very same devil who brings us sex, drugs and rock n roll 😉


Well I guess I can wear my aluminum hat-might filter out unnecessary end of the world stuff.


It apparently was for this half-dozen. 😄


Nah, just another week where humanity thinks it's the most important thing to happen. Unless a bloody great big unnoticed heavenly body collides with earth suddenly turning our little world into charred fragments in orbit around an uncaring sun.


Why is a mandatory vaccine "the mark of the beast"?
Why are peace treaties a bad thing?
Why do blood moons that occur two to four times a year predict anything?
Why is it that the Messiah is announced every year yet never materializes?
Why is the blowing of the shofar, done every year, indicative of everything?

Seems like these are all things that have happened every year... yet someone they add up to something different today because.....?

That's what I explained to my friend; but for him, he doesn't want to be wrong. Even if I were to play it safe and "call out to Jesus", I don't really believe he's real or benevolent and definitely not moral.

Well as others have stated, if he is really convinced of this, tell them to sign over all his possessions after teh predicted date. A failure of him to do so is proof that he is not really convinced and will allow you to reaffirm this anything they bring it up again.


No the world already ended now we are in the realm of hell! 😸😸

For reals.


I heard that the world was supposed to collapse on July 20th, didn't happen, then it was September 9th, and I haven't heard the new date yet, haha! I'm gonna just enjoy each day and not worry.


You been watching FOX news? Sounds similar to stuff I would hear out of them.


A friend of mine believes this and is trying to get me to repent on account of Pascal's Wager. I'm not sure what to to think.

Pascal’s Wager is an appeal to an immoral self interest.

How much do you have in the bank? Offer to buy their house for $3000! If the world ends, they got a chunk of cash to enjoy their last days on Earth.

If the world doesn't end, you just got a great deal on real estate.

And if they refuse...then you know that even THEY don't really believe this crap.


Nope, sorry to tell you this, BUT, it has been postponed indefinitely due to a total lack of interest and Gawd is taking ' Millenial Leave' plus accrued Long-Service Leave for the next 3.5 Billion years before retirement....LOL.


While living in San Fran, it was on a rolling schedule about every two weeks, by some nut or other, dutifully reported in the Chronicle.

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