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Oil has many, many beneficial uses. Ask the petro-chemical companies!
Therefore, oil production will always be needed, but it is essential to reduce consumption of it as an energy source. But this is not simply to reduce carbon dioxide emission and the subsequent climate change effect. It is essential in order to conserve stocks for future generations.
That is a far more compelling reason for using renewable energy - unlike oil it won't run out.
It could also be an answer for the "rust belt" states. Award government contracts, that may not be outsourced to rust belt companies for the construction of wind generators, solar panels and any other technologies, such as wave or tide power.
Care to chip in your "sixpen'orth"?

Petter 9 Nov 8

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I've always wondered why more people don't want to make the resources last longer, it's just more quarterly thinking I think. More profit now

Very few corporations have any long-term planning nowadays. It's all about the share price and short term profit.

@Petter I wish there was a way to start to fix that sooner than later

@Honorabledougn Only by legally delaying the payment of bonuses and for at least two years, and basing share payouts on a legally mandated three year rolling average.

@Petter never thought of those tactics, I'm also a big fan of mandatory employe ownership of shares.

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