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Anyone else watching the "Into the Storm" documentary about QAnon?

OMG did you ever encounter such a rats nest of miscreants and easily manipulated suckers? It really reminds me of the birth of some dysfunctional religion manufactured by a bunch of self interested parties out to control the narrative and consolidate power.

I really liked the episode where they talk about how a conspiracy theory was stopped by doing enactments of some of the key claims which got national attention - and then proving they were all fake. However the Q meme is so pernicious I doubt that would work.

prometheus 7 Apr 12

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Watching it now. It's a bit tough to watch episode one. I don't have cable or HBO, but I found a link online, primewire. I'll see if episode 2 is better.


I started to watch it, but it wasn't holding my attention. I feel like the whole Q-thing is an experiment on human behavior. Like someone somewhere is doing the next level reality show without anyone knowing they're part of a reality show.

Well that's pretty much what it confirms. I think it is good to have plenty of background info on the easily manipulated degenerates who peddled and ate up this pile of shit. The truth is way more bizarre than you could ever imagine and just makes you want to scream over how easily this got out of control.

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