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LINK Republican caught denouncing vaccines to Fox News then supporting them to CNN just hours later


Clearly no intelligence is required to join that particular party.

Good grief. Most grifters, liars and fakers can at least stick to a storyline a couple days.


SeaGreenEyez 9 Nov 28

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Problem is we all know what media the GOPer’s are listening to. This way the criminal party gets to send out a message that appeals to both sides.


WOW! She also claims to be a long hauler. How special, great medical benefits, good paying job, gets to be 2 faced just for fun and profit. BUT won't vote for healthcare for all, lower drug costs for Americans, REAL help for this very serious virus.
I would so love to see a large bucket of manure dumped on this feckless cunt.


Well she wasn’t denouncing vaccines here:

She had COVID previously and still got vaccinated:

She's totally gaslighting. It's that simple.


She’s emphasizing a side of what might not be a contradictory message for each biased audience. I don’t interpret her as saying to get COVID for the natural immunity in the Fox snippet. She seems to be saying natural immunity is sufficient once infected which plays into DeSantis’s anti-Biden agenda in Florida. The tweeter Rupar back-pedals a little bit here:

She could believe in sufficiency (she holds for superiority though in Fox snippet) of natural immunity AND encourage vaccination for those who never had COVID. I am seeing snippets in the tweets so don’t know if she fully emphasized only one aspect for each audience.

I would encourage COVID recovered to still get vaccinated for potential benefits of hybrid immunity.


Just tell every individual what they want to hear and then ask for their support. Everyone will donate, listen, believe. Integrity is not needed as no one knows what that is anymore. No one listens, no one reads, or if they read what they read must be a bunch of garbage, or they read but do not care what is said as someone else falsifies it immediately.


You don't need any intelligence to be a Republican, just two faces.


Life as a pretzel has got to suck..πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Best comment I've seen in days!! So using it the next time my idiot 7th Day Adventist neighbor makes one of her racist/trump/hate Biden comments.

@silverotter11 oh man, living hell having a 7th day idiot neighbor, you have my deepest sympathy..


Two faced cunt

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 28, 2021
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