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What will be your legacy?

What will people remember you for?

anonymous 7 Dec 14

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I was SO tempted to say something snarky like "chaos and mayhem." But I decided to give a serious answer. I don't have children or a family. So there will be no-one to remember me except for my friends. I have no books I've written. My published works are in obscure journals, of little interest to those outside my field. Which is fine by me. I've no desire to leave any lasting imprint on the world. As a child, the phrase that made most of an impression on me was "All things pass..."


Aside from my children who are amazing young adults (when do they stop being young adults anyway?) I am a quilter, and crafter. I have made several quilts over the years and working on one now with several more in the pipeline. I have made several afghans as well, and other hand made items. I imagine my granddaughter telling her granddaughter "my Grammy made this."


my record collection


in what way?


I like to think that will be my loyalty to family and friends...also my willingness to help ...


It is doubtful my "legacy" will be known after i am gone. I have a small influence in peoples lives which I hope changes things for the better. I know I have a positie influence on the world, even if it is never noticed. That is enough for me


You would have to ask them. It would be presumptuous of me to say. I know what I would like for them to say, but that could be a different story.


My caring for fellowman. How I try to help others.


Legacy? Hmm, that's a fairly subjective thing to consider. Objectively, as a designer of yachts, I suspect some of those will be around for a while and they will carry my name. As an author, my short stories, novels, anthologies, and articles will survive me for quite some time. But those are just 'things'. I think I shall be remembered by some and that memory may get passed down through a generation or two. I know a few of my students will remember me but how far that memory will travel is unknown.

Why do you ask?


I am hoping that someone will remember any of the good things I did.
I am also hoping that someone will remember something I didn’t do good, and learn from it.


I don't know, maybe not caring what people will remember me for?

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