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With 2 trillion known galaxies in the cosmos, just think how many gods there must be? If each galaxy has 300 million stars and roughly 17 billion estimated ( in our Milky Way) earth like planets in each galaxy. That's 17 billion x 2 trillion gods... Does this mean that our god is the right one out of this gaggle of gods? My math be off here by billions of gods.

valentine4real 5 Dec 21

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"God(dess)es)s!!!" Let's just try deal with the ones we have here!!!


maybe we can create a new star wars movie and name it the battle of the pollytheoistic gods of the romans return to make room for another god or godess that can take victory and leap over all the other galaxies like puddle jupping to make it over to the milky way to control us humans like puppets on a string lol


And how many gods on each planet?

Yea, those gods too! That would be 5,700 x that ( earth gods ) that's a lot more like us then...

perhaps somewhere they spelt it the wrong way around and it stuck.


And I thought there were only one trillion 999 billion 999 thousand 999 hundred and 99. Which one don't I know about?


No only the one creator,rest are mere demiurges

...and we got stuck on a planet where the demiurges all suck. Just my luck.

Funnily enough the gnostics said much the same in trying to explain why the OT god was so distasteful.The only explanation was that he was not the Supreme Being but a wicked demiurge.


… ‘well, it says right here in my bible’ … is what I expect would be the ‘response’ from the religionists we’re most familiar with.. But what an excellent point -- and I’ll go with your numbers 😉

Varn Level 8 Dec 21, 2017

Yes, there are probably millions/billions/trillions of made-up gods throughout the cosmos.


zero. they are man made. not needed to form galaxies.or the universe.

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