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Feeling like spreading a little positivity tonight. I'm curious to know what things are said about you by other people that make you happy, proud, excited, etc. If you aren't sure what the people in your life say about you, please share something positive that you think about yourself; I'd love to hear it πŸ™‚ I often get told that I have a really big brilliant smile and that I carry such a positive light, which makes me very happy because it's proving to myself that I'm making an impact in others' lives and that I make a difference, something I've struggled with believing in the past. My aunt has also recently said to me that she's been using me as a positive example when teaching her daughter how important it is to know yourself first before commiting to any relationship. I have no words to express how that made me feel <3

Listener59 5 Oct 22
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Random stranger told me I have pretty hair, then just walked away. Made my day.
Other than stuff like that, someone telling me I'm right or have a good idea, pretty much make my week.


This is tricky for me, because I do feel good when people acknowledge my intellect or my calm demeanor, or comment on my skill in writing, graphic/logo design, web development, mediation, and so on, but at the same time I'm not comfortable taking a compliment and I often deflect or make a self-deprecating joke. πŸ˜•

resserts Level 8 Oct 22, 2019

It takes practice, @resserts, and it may never come easily ... but maybe easier. For the first hundred or so times of forcing yourself to say "Thank you," you'll be compelled to then start deflecting. But after that, practice just not talking after "Thank you." Just smile. You've always seemed to have a positive, logical demeanor to me, so I know you'll have lots of chances to practice this.

@Lauren Thank you. πŸ™‚

@resserts Sorry, that bit of presumptuousness was borne of my own (sometimes ongoing) experience. I don't mean to denigrate how hard it is for you. I just hate you missing out on the good feeling of being appreciated.

@Lauren Oh, no, I was just being cheeky. I didn't think you were being presumptuous or denigrating at all. I was trying to put your "say thank you and smile" advice into practice β€” slightly ironically. πŸ˜‰

@resserts Irony appreciated, I'm just dense! Thank you. πŸ™‚


Getting involved in local theater and it's nothing they've said but getting accepted as a friend by others half to a third my age is cool. Nice to not have to deal with the age gap issues.

That’s cool. Always nice to be accepted.


Usually I get comments on how blue or pretty my eyes are. I feel fortunate to have them.

They are pretty

@bobwjr Thank You


Great post!

If someone compliments me it’s usually about my smile, which I always thought was too big until I started dating after 20+ years of marriage and men started complimented me on my smile

Marcie1974 Level 8 Oct 22, 2019

People say they miss me when I’m not around and that my energy lights up the room. I’m touched when I present a talk and sing and people say I got them to think in new ways or that they were moved.

UUNJ Level 8 Oct 23, 2019

Your eyes are comforting intriguing and match your elegant smile


I've been told that I'm sensitive, thoughtful, and have a nice smile.

bleurowz Level 8 Oct 23, 2019

I'm a tutor. I love it when a student tells me how much I've helped them.

Aside from that, I love it when someone tells me how kind and caring I am, and how much fun I am to be with.

BitFlipper Level 8 Oct 23, 2019

What a great question. From friends and family it is when they say how fun and funny I am and how they can talk to me about anything and not be judged. My customers tell me how comfortable I make them feel when they have embarrassing questions to ask but need to know. Strangers tell me what beautiful mermaid looking hair I have.

Better than Daryl Hannah


Hey y’all
Thanks Listener, for asking this. Very appropriate.
People tell me I’m fun, funny.
I make them laugh. So that makes me laugh. They say I do a good job singing at karaoke. That’s nice.


I am helping 3 young people and am encouraging them to further their education . Seems to be working . One of them has a Birthday Thursday .

GEGR Level 7 Oct 22, 2019

I’m told I have a great laugh and a nice smile. I’m not good at accepting compliments gracefully, but I’m working on that!

Always wished I had a good laugh. Mine either sounds like a full body belly laugh, or a witch cackle.

@CommonHuman A belly laugh is good!


I have heard this often and it makes me very happy... "Are you naughty again?"

And what about calling me handsome all the time? Stop it.

St-Sinner Level 8 Oct 22, 2019

Sounds like you are a lot of fun to be with.


I've been told I'm as mean as a snake πŸ™‚

Nardi Level 7 Oct 24, 2019

That I am intelligent, that I am passionate, that I am a hard worker and am suited for much better job(s)/position(s) than the back breaking entry level jobs I do, that I am nice/respectful and, one I don't believe, that I am strong (mentally) 😳


They say I'm a good listener. I'm proud about it, but then again a lot of times I have a lot to say as well...but I choose to speak out only when I feel it will make an impact


Gotta love that positive vibe 😊

alex78 Level 2 Dec 13, 2019

My friends and acquaintances often say " You do too much, for too little, for the ungrateful. I would rather be accused of that then the other way around.

As far as a more negative trait, I have been accused of not having enough patience in certain situations. However, this is not true. I just do not have patience in great abundance for those with whom no impatience should ever be tolerated, such as older people, younger people, challenged individuals, those trying (successfully or not) to help others, all other living creatures, just not for the people who "require patience" for no other reason than he or she actually being a brat, or attention seeker, with no "excuses".

PJB23452 Level 3 Dec 3, 2019

A few years ago, one colleague described me as "an affable loon", which both made me smile and I couldn't argue with.

I chatted with another one day and asked her "Do I just complain all the time?" and she got quite cross with me. She told me that yes I do complain a lot, but unlike others, I come up with real, practical solutions to whatever it is I'm complaining about, that could then be discussed with others and taken to our superiors.

I think the best one for me was one an ex-girlfriend came to me with. She'd spoken to the elder of my stepsons on his 18th birthday some years ago, and asked him about me. His reply was "That man has been more of a dad to me than my own father will ever be." or words to that effect. That one there is likely the standout one I'll keep in my heart until I'm dirt-napping with my ancestors πŸ™‚


Patient,,positive ,like to make people laugh ,always try and say something good about a person,stay away from negative people

RoyMillar Level 8 Oct 24, 2019

I feel excited affirmed warmed and validated when children/young adults ask me with great curiosity: " are you a teacher ? " at a store or in a waiting room with people of all ages are killing time and I encourage a child to read a book or study a subject useful in's so easy to guess a child's age and ask the parent if I am correct.....I cherish campaigning door to door phone to phone and relating to whoever answers my knock or ring

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