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Not a fan of Biden but this meme is me every time I post on here 😂

1EarthLovingGal 7 Aug 8
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Uncle Touchy might want to feel God up before killing him.

Ummm... This isn't about trump...

@Cutiebeauty some folks make everything about trump. 😒


I am a Biden fan and I think this is fucking stupid, for numerous reasons. Biden wouldn't say that. There is no god to kill. Mr. Fucking Orange-Face uses dumb shit like this to further his own cause. Why contribute to Mr. Fucking Orange-Face's cause? I'm all about political satire but this just isn't funny on any level. Soap box exited.

You’re reading far too into a meme. This is not political in any way. It’s just using a picture of Biden. There’s another one similar with a care bear cartoon instead. Does that offend you as well? Most people understand that he didn’t say any of that nor does it claim that he did. It’s designed for people with a sense of humor. Everybody that’s atheist on this site knows that God isn’t real. Although it would be nice to kill the idea that is God so religion could quit trying to control society. I don’t support Biden or Trump & it has nothing to do with Trump either. Try not to think too much into silly memes or what strangers post on the internet next time. Not a good way to use your energy, friend!

@1EarthLovingGal don't feed the trolls lmao..

@1EarthLovingGal yeah yeah yeah, I'm as funny as the next guy, maybe more so. I just don't think this is the time in history to give the misogynist, racist, douche bag ANY help! Because dickwad will use anything he can to stay in the office! Meme or otherwise. Don't mean to be a killjoy, there's just too much at stake. Be funny like that on November 4th! If dickwad wins, this site may not exist anymore! He is a killer of free thought, free speech, right to protest, etc. Ya feel me? Btw, this doesn't offend me. World hunger offends me. This is just not a good idea. The care bear pic wouldn't show up on ass face's radar.

@Stilltrying1964 well I did not make the meme but I find it hilarious. If I thought I was promoting Trump, it would not be shared. Believe me! Maybe it’s being in Oklahoma, but I fear we’re not winning this one no matter what we do. Trump has brainwashed too many people. I mean, you’d think he’d already be out of office by now with everything he’s done. I will most likely be voting Green Party in an attempt to get him out but I just don’t see it happening..

@1EarthLovingGal Sad that you find it funny. I like Biden. I hate/fear/loathe Trump. Obviously you feel the opposite. If you're an "earthLovingGal" you'll realize Joe loves the earth a lot more than DJT.

@Robecology so does the Green Party.

@1EarthLovingGal Which makes you a Trump default.

@Robecology you’re goofy as hell 🤣 Have a good day man!



Yes girl!! Get in!

Sharps 45-70....

@1EarthLovingGal Woohoo!

@Lizard_of_Ahaz interesting choice.

A chick Road Trip with a mission! Count me in.

@wolf041 I like a bit of stopping power...