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LGBTQ also

OldMetalHead 8 Nov 17
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The single stupidest of all is the atheist who supports a religion...

I believe that there are people who cannot navigate 'life' for themselves and need someone or thing to follow. I offer as evidence the celebrity culture. May be atheists should infiltrate religions and take out the really stupid bits.
Okay I've ducked and covered, have at it.

@NoIdea The real reason why people can't cope with life is religion...


Religious women - in this man's opinion - have been regularly programmed to believe they're the inferior member of the species.

Religious women assume responsibility for being "provocative" and "inducing" their men to want to "have them" (read rape, assault, take advantage"0

It does look like this century - if we make it past fossil fuels, republican corruption - and unbridled population growth (presently 158 more births, than deaths, per minute) will be the century when women finally achieved equality.


Robecology Level 8 Nov 17, 2019

And religion can also take a lot of the blame for overpopulation also.


never get why women who are the number one group repressed by religions continue to darken the church/mosque/temple doors

Low self esteem, Masochistic tendencies, and more often than not either/or a low IQ or just wanting to have someone pay her way through life....