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It is one of THOUSE mornings.

It's been a few mornings of a bad case of pneumonia and a dying space heater.

WonderWartHog99 8 Nov 18
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Dude!! I know people in SC.. Do you need a heater? 😮 PM me your address.. And go to a doctor.. you don't want to mess around with pneumonia..

Major update: I've gotten over the pneumonia. The reason I know what it was is because I went to my primary physician, who was out of town. The clinic were he works couldn't scheduled another doctor. I went to a walk in clinic and saw a PA, who gave me a diagnosis, a prescription for a fist full of pills and ordered an X-ray that came out fuzzy. Next it was a CT scan.

For reasons of flaky software on Agnostic, I wasn't notified of your offer for a heater.

Your profile page says I can either send a smile or follow you. No option to send a private message. However you can PR me at my profile page.