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I’m coming to the realization that Agnosticism, or Atheism, is just another philosophy. Maybe an anti-philosophy but a way of life nonetheless. We are all travellers in this life and only those who are insistent on their road deserve scorn.
It’s beyond time for those who are intolerant to see this.
I look at the world, or even my nation, and cry. How did such hate become normal and how did I contribute?
2018 will be a time to question and rededicate myself to a person I knew long ago. Take my hand and join me in this journey. You’re footsteps will bear witness to how you carried me.

rainmanjr 7 Dec 24

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So would you say evolution is a philosophy? Or physics? Atheism and agnosticism are simply the "null" position in a scientific debate. Do we have evidence to support "god." No. So what doe we do? We accept that and move on. If evidence shows up, then our position changes.

I would say evolution is a philosophy but not physics. Evolution is born of science but primarily useful to the common person as an explanation which frees them from religious forgiveness. Physics is a definition of rules. Religion may not prove God exists but science, thus far, has failed to prove Thou doesn’t. Both have anecdotal evidence but science is on firmer ground. I think a telescope is being built, in Chile, that might come as close to proof as we can get. We’ll see if religion moves on.


Hello, fellow Dude! I see it has clearly been established to you that atheism is neither a religion or philosophy...though some atheists take it to an evangelical, "my way or the highway" ideology.

Why? I believe many came from such religious environments and have yet to shake the "programming". Or they have such animosity towards religion they detest anyone who even accepts the possibilities. doesn't really matter. Verily I say unto thee...there are asses everywhere you go. (Donkeys too.)

My chief concern is they try to thwart any serious conversation between any who disagree. They seek (perhaps unknowingly) to undermine any transition a theist might make to atheism (Science forbid agnosticism!!!) and send them running back to their respective religions.

Still, the dude abides. Don't sweat it. I'm not taking your hand but we'll likely cross paths on your journey again and, any way you turn, its not going to be all fluffy findings and warm fuzzy feelings.


First, your country is better than the current circumstances. The rest of us in the world know that. Atheism and agnosticism are a philosophy in challenge to religion. It's humanism that we should embrace.

I agree about Humanism but disagree about our country. It’s long had the possibility of being more than just another hole but has never achieved that. It now seems that it won’t.

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