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Several times the topic of alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous has been brought up here. Thought this may be of interest to some of us:


kiramea 7 July 23

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As a past member of AA, I found it a very good program, and only religious, if you wanted it to be, only admitting to a "higher power", that "higher power" was I perceived to be the program itself..... maybe it was just the two or three differant places I attended meetings, but out of that 100 or so members, only a few "back slid", and only one or two failed to keep comming. I count that as good. And when I had a year sober, I continued with my life.



weeman Level 7 July 24, 2018

Another problem with AA is that when it doesn't work (if I remember correctly, it isn't any more successful than other programs), those who used it fare much worse at all other programs. That's a pretty bad track record.


Indiana also forces those convicted of DUI to attend AA. It's an abomination! it' nothing more than religion in disguise.

JenM Level 4 July 23, 2018

Christian based recovery programs are only good as long as the person holds faith. Soon as the person looses some faith, they're typically using again. The other aspect / problem is the idea of forgiveness because it sometimes helps justify falling off the wagon and getting back on. Science is gaining ground on the cause of addiction and it's interesting. Want to hear more google Bruce Alexander Rat Park. Sounds weird but trust me.


Celebrate Recovery is a Christian alternative to AA that seems to be gaining momentum in southern protestant denominations. Its 12 steps are all taken from the bible and its meetings begin with a revival-like music and testimony service before breaking into small groups.

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