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Latest calcs indicate that 2002 NT7 will probably miss Earth by 10 to 18 or more ld. Aren't we lucky?

evidentialist 8 Sep 15

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That's a shame... The Earth needs another good bottleneck!


1.2 km asteroid, so not a mass extinction event, but almost certainly the worst natural disaster humans ever faced. 40km crater, will kill everyone within hundreds of miles, devastating tsunamis if it hits an ocean. Global cooling almost for sure from dust kicked up. Its orbit is well known now though, no danger for at least 100 years.

Yep. Just another rock in the Sol system of planets. It will have another chance later and we may luck out again. Ya never know. We need a couple more baskets to keep our eggs in.

@evidentialist Heartily agree, the sooner we get self sustaining colonies on other planets/moons the better.


We’d appear as bickering ants if witnessed from afar … when we should be united for our own preservation.. All related, related to all life on this planet ..yet too often at each other’s throats to unite in order to stave off our extinction. Apparently, we’re still evolving…

Varn Level 8 Sep 16, 2018

I gather 2002NT7 , is an astroid ?

One of killer proportions and even if it misses in 2019, it will be back and poses a real threat sometime during the next century.

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