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Any pro-wall atheists out there? I have been down near the border filming my latest documentary recently, and I didn't see any sign of this "emergency" or whatever it's being touted as.

By Shaggy4
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I would have no problem with building walls, IF we could afford it and if we also built a northern wall AND secured our coastal borders. As I have pointed out many times in the past, we have multiple entry points on our borders, through which anyone with ID may pass, so whether the wall would be wholly effective is debatable. I live near the Mexican border and there is a border fence here. I have heard people say that they see fewer illegals coming through the open spaces, specifically in the more remote, wide open places, so the fence in this area is doing what it was designed to do. I object to the rhetoric and fear-mongering that individual one is using to try to accomplish his goal, however.

Fuck individual one. lol

@snifflz no, thank you.


Not for trumps wall, but we should probably have some type of security. Something on the cheap side. I don't think it's an emergency at all, there are far more important things to worry about.

We do have border security. There is no "emergency".


Keep your eyes peeled. Antonio Banderas and Danny Trejo are out there, probably disguised as gila monsters or saguaros.

Trejo is in every movie that has anything to do with Mexico it seems.

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