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if your mother was on her deathbed and she begged you to pray with her.
would you do it, would you accept Christ as your personal savior so that she could be comforted in her last moments of life?

By m165667
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I don’t see why I would need to accept Christ to pray with my Mother. But if she needed me too, then absolutely I would. Whatever it takes to give her comfort and peace during her last days. I don’t believe, so what difference would it make. Silly question.

billhoo Level 5 May 20, 2019

I'm not a Christian anymore, I was raised Lutheran though. I think that the message Jesus had was the golden rule. But if you look at the world today, you don't see a lot of it. The churches are making a lot of money too.....lots of money off of Jesus. They are businesses. It's about controlling you and getting your money.


That’s like bowing my head during prayer at a friends dinner table. It’s polite. My Mom was agnostic/atheist, so it didn’t occur. She liked to study religions but the only one she truly liked was Zen, and that’s a philosophy more than religion.

Hathacat Level 9 May 20, 2019

of course there are limits to our militants there are some situations where we have no choice but to show respect for other people's beliefs. it is true they don't show respect for our beliefs. they offer to take our children to church. they say have a blessed day,
this is the water in which we swim
I am very much interested in discussions about Zen, I practice daily and benefit greatly .

@m16566 She was very open minded and had a very deep curiosity about so many things. Huge IQ, if that matters. She was a artist. I benefited because she always told us about whatever she was studying. Between her and my two older sisters whose books I was always taking off with, I was never bored, lol.

Sounds like you miss your mom quite a bit, I lost my father back in 2006.
I still think about him every day, I would love to pick up the phone, tell him about something new on the History Channel. or just have a beer and talk about life.

@m16566 She was a very warm person. I grew up stepping over people in the living room getting ready for school. All had parents that had kicked them out or something, for whatever reason. I don't know how many times someone would tell me how they wished she was THEIR Mother. You could tell her anything and she would be happy to talk about it. The only person I saw her kick off her porch was a Parson who had been caught YET again for touching children and who had to apologize to the parents involved. My brother had told her that he would pay them a quarter for him to chase them around the church in the dark and "catch" them. ugh. Third time and he was STILL getting moved to a different church! She did not forgive him, and I remember being shocked that she hadn't, as that wasn't like her. Now that I am a adult, I totally get it.

keep in mind that her genes are in your body her soul is in your heart. as you live your life you can strive to be worthy of all the thing she gave you.

@m16566 I always do!

You were very lucky, I have to hear that JC bullshit from my daughters. Omg, I wanna puke.

@FlyingEagle1952 I got a brother who is a Republican, church, anti abortion ect.. I still wonder what the hell happened...


Even though I'm not religious yes I would do it because it would make her happy


Of course.

Arthurv Level 3 May 19, 2019

My mother and my father were both atheists. I am very glad that this was not an issue for me. Having said that, there are people in my life who are religious and under such circumstances might want religious comfort. I would do my best but I have no poker face.

Bakunin Level 7 May 19, 2019

so unusual to have parents that are atheist, it must have been a unique experience growing up. where they militant with religious people?
did your friends try to recruit you into their religion?


My mom wouldn't have asked that of me how ever if she did and was on her death bed I'd have no problem with it .

Besalbub Level 7 May 19, 2019

I might pretend to, but my mother is long gone.

Nor48 Level 4 May 19, 2019

My mother knows better but if she forgot and asked, saying words doesn't change your beliefs.

Larimar Level 6 May 19, 2019

Interesting question. My mother isn't likely to ask such a thing -- she knows where I stand on God -- but, if she did, sure, I'd go through the motions.


WOW an amazing number of comments ,and the variety is interesting . Both my parents have died , neither would have asked either way , had I been bedside when they died . So it's a question I wouldn't have to deal with .

Cast1es Level 8 May 19, 2019

In two simple and succinct words, No chance.

Triphid Level 8 May 19, 2019

would that be for you or for her?
I understand you want to be true to yourself, but at what price

@m16566 For me it would be NOT submitting to her DEMANDS as I was forced to as a child who suffered much under her Domineering, Cruel, Brutal and Abusive ( in ALL the ways you can imagine btw) Reign and Rule, for her, it would be the visible and undeniable statement that she no longer OWNED, Rule over and Controlled me, a massive shock to her system to say the very least.
The price/cost, very little to me but to her, well I leave that to your imagination, but to me the benefit of becoming a TRUE survivor, free at last from her.
Btw, she died alone in April 2000 whilst I was by my teenaged Daughter's side 24/7 in Adelaide, South Australia while my Daughter was undergoing Chemotherapy for Mature B Cell Lymphoma.
We had Medical Permission to return to Broken Hill, some 300+ miles away for exactly 1 week to organize the burial ( cremation actually) of my 'mother(???)' before returning for the next session of chemotherapy and not one iota of a tear was shed by myself nor my daughter since my daughter had suffered from her Abusiveness as well.

it saddens me that you've had so much tragedy in your life.
I to feel victimized by my mother, I don't hold it against her though.
she was doing the best she could with what she knew.
she was young it had a lot of bad advice, I'm lucky I've done as well as I have.

@m16566 My 'mother(???)' was 33 y.o. when I was born so youth was no excuse or alibi.
Her mother was also a very bitter and often domineering person as well so perhaps it was 'like mother, like daughter' in a way BUT she adored and idolized my 4 sibling sisters yet detested me because I was NOT one of them.
It WAS only my Father and myself who copped her brutality, etc, NEVER my sisters and I always copped the blame and the lash from an electric cord for when they did something wrong but NEVER them.

it has been said" hate is a poison that you consume to kill your enemy"
are you working on those early childhood traumas, no disrespect it sounds like it's eating you, I do understand the pain runs pretty deep.

@m16566 Nope, I shrugged off those traumas ages ago, I AM a Survivor and shall always remain one and will support to my utmost those who seek to be survivors also.
That IS the reason why I relate the story because it may inspire someone else somewhere to stand up, fight back and become a Survivor rather than spend their life as a victim.


My mother assumes I'm still a christain. I will leave her that impression. So, she could die in peace.

freedom41 Level 8 May 19, 2019

My mother became an atheist in nursing school.

"I realized a woman cannot turn into salt," Mom said dryly. She was hilarious!

The answer to your questions is NO WAY.


If I really thought it would bring her comfort, I might. However, I think she is secretly tormented by "God's judgement" after she dies. Presently, I think it would bring her more comfort if I were to insist there will be no such thing.


Of course. Love exists regardless of world view. I Don need god to love and take care of my aging mother.

mmm2m8r Level 3 May 19, 2019

No but would pray to ease her mind praying for comforting family members is not a statement of belief

bobwjr Level 9 May 19, 2019

there is life after death, but it has nothing go do with Jesus or any other religion. Our souls are eternal, or at least we exist as long as the UNIVERSE IS gonna exist. Praying to Jesus is like praying to Santa Claus. Or Popeye the Sailor.....or superman.....batman....Elvis.....Rin Tin Tin.....Lassie.....Toto.....the list goes on and on......and sometimes imagination works. B
ut for the most part organized religions are about taking your money. When your mother dies, you don't want them to be alone. And they are no alone. Our ancestors who have already passed on demonstrate themselves and help with the transition. Sure it is scary, but we all must cross over sooner or later. LET''S JUST HOPE GOD IS NOT A CHICKEN......GEEZ!!!


My mother doesn't believe in jesus so that wouldn't happen. If she wanted me to pray with her I would.

Paracosm Level 8 May 19, 2019

Moms rule in the next world...... There is a next world, whether you like it or not...... Get ready....(jesus is myth)


No, no, absolutely no. But truly, my mother would never have asked it of me...that’s who she was. It would be a selfish request. I would never ask the opposite of anyone, either.


I often wonder this question when I think of people how have been kidnapped during times of civil unrest.. like the 70+ Nigerian schoolgirls abducted from a Christian school by Muslim rebels and "forced" to convert so the abductors can feel ok about raping and forced "marriage". When those girls were asked to renounce their god to save their lives.. how many said no?

Davekp Level 7 May 19, 2019

if I could say what I had to say, Aveda lay and Escape I would.


It would really depend on so much else, most likely my sister and other family would also be there and would later be angry at me for faking it, as they would find out I hadn't meant it.
I would more likely be willing to do a prayer along the lines of If I'm wrong and you are real please reveal yourself to me. My mom doesn't need to know that my abhorrence of religion would be even stronger if it turned out her god was real.

GwenBFree Level 7 May 18, 2019

I would pray but no, I won’t lie again. I did that once.

why it sounds like you have some history with this question?
did you lie about your beliefs and somehow it came back to you?

@m16566 I was about 12 or 14 years old and at a revival service. (I come from a long line of Baptists) In my heart I didn’t believe the Christian message, but I allowed this sexy girl to talk me into going forward and saying that I had “accepted Christ”. It gave me a cheap feeling and I never got anything out of it—not even a kiss. smile003.gif

I lived the lie throughout adolescence but in college I got up the gumption to put my foot down. I’m still not an atheist BTW. There are god-like concepts that intrigue me greatly. I don’t actually “believe” those concepts. For me it’s not about belief or disbelief, rather it’s about reverence, and awe of the overwhelming mystery of existence as a consciously aware entity.


I had biological parents but never a mother or father. My bio mom just passed away recently and it was just another day to me.



Sheannutt Level 9 May 19, 2019


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