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We R - Creature Creators - in - Time & Space -
Eternal Beings - Divinely being - a Person -
thru a - sublunary - human - Life form -

that which- IS - I AM - being -
I AM that which - IS - being - One Self -
ALL is GOD - in as thru - LIFE - Divinely being -

U R & I AM - Eternal & Divine - {Beings Souls Spirits} -
I AM & U R - Individuations of GOD - as - Souls of LOVE -
We R - Spirits of LIFE - as LIFE - in LIFE - being - One Self -
GOD is LOVE as ENERGY - being LIFE thru - forms there-of -

We R - Creature Creators - in a relative realm of - time & space -
Eternal Beings - Divinely being - a Person - thru a tellurian -
and sublunary - mortal - human animal - Life form -

Know thine Essence as the - Quiddity of GOD -
as GOD is ALL things & No thing - being EVERY thing -
We R ALL - Parts of - Aspects of - Individuations of LIFE -
We R in Truth as GOD is - LOVE as ENERGY in LIFE - being -

U R a - Spirit of ENERGY - being a Person -
in as thru a - Magnificent yet mortal - human -
tellurian - body of - {matter mass liquid & gas} -

U R a Soul of LOVE - expressing & experiencing -
the Will & Intent - Desires & Choices - of Ones -
{Body Mind Spirit} - being a humane - Person -

We R - that which - IS - being - LIFE -
GOD is LOVE - as - ENERGY in LIFE - being -
ALL things & No thing - in as thru - EVERY thing -

that which - GOD is - U R & I AM - being -
that which - We R & ALL is - is - GOD as LIFE -
for - LIFE is GOD - being its Self - thru One Self -

I AM & U R - Individuations of - GOD -
We R that which is - Love as Energy - being -
ALL is - Energy as GOD - being - Love in L:ife -
GOD is LOVE - being - ENERGY in LIFE - as U & I -

U R & I AM - as ALL is - GOD being LIFE -
thru a form there-of - dwelling briefly there-in -
expressing & experiencing - Ones Self as a Person -
thru a mortal human - body of {matter mass liquid & gas} -

Know that U R - Eternal & Divine -
in your very - Essence Nature & Being -
as such BE whom so ever - U so Choose -
to Know Ones Self - AS - while being human -

Namaste - Spirit of Life - being a - humane human -

Fear Not - judgement nor condemnation -
for GOD as LOVE - being - ENERGY in LIFE -
will Never judge nor condemn its - Divine Self -

be not ashamed nor embarrassed by - Who U R - being -
for ALL of LIFE is Divine & Who U R - changes all the time -
therefore Choose Who U so desire to - Know Ones Self AS -
in the next version of the Person that U R - Now being in LIFE -

Love Often in Life -
and U will BE Happy πŸ™‚


KWAPELL7 6 Nov 7

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Just for shits and grins you might want to try reading your stuff aloud, making sure to SHOUT the upper case words, and maybe it will hit you. So this it what it might sound like if Deepak Chopra had Tourette's and took too many magic mushrooms.

and when U get a chance - (just for "shits & giggles" ) - why don't U -
attempt to simply - read & elucidate the articulation with - emphasis -
applied where - U percieve it needs to BE -

and then - discern & ascertain - what relevance/meaning -
such emphasis might have to the - average reader -
who may be seeking - Awareness &/or Enlightenment -


Of course. Thanks for clearing that up..

U R most welcome - Case07 -

it is always - better to Know -
than to guess - have faith or believe -
that We R as All is - GOD as ENERGY in LIFE - being -


Witness this ego tell a misspelled story in a solipsistic contest of spiritual one-upmanship. Makes for interesting poetry, at least.

Mvtt Level 6 Nov 9, 2020

yet even the Solipsistic contest of Spiritual theory (one-upmanship) - its veracity & validity depends upon Ones - definition - depiction & description of - "Self" - as - ONE or Many - Beings & forms of Life -

as perhaps - that which is a - Singular yet Plural - Entity -
or as an - Individuation of the plural Singularity - being -
Ones Self - as a Person in LIFE - thru a - species of -
animal - as a - Spirit - being a - human - Life form -


Stone the crows and stuff a duck, you're back again are you.
YOU still have my challenge to meet do you not?
So where is this empirically tried, tested and proven evidence YOU must provide as per the challenge, I have NOT seen 1 iota of it thus far?

No - my dear Australian friend - I do Not -
still have your challenge to contend with -
as I explicitly answered in my last reply to the -
aforementioned "challenge" - I Do NOT- accept -
your - terms & conditions - nor did U accept mine -

however I did provide U the answers -
that U sought to your challenge - nonetheless -

I will be submitting a challenge of my own to the group shortly -
do your best to reveal its answer and U may find a - rewarding -
Awakening & Enlightening - insight into - the Truth of U within -

@KWAPELL7 1) I am not your Australian friend, or friend otherwise,
2) IMO, you are a chicken coward since you 'claim' so much BUT refuse, point blank, to prove such claims when challenged to do so,
3) everything you claim can be refuted by the usage of Logic and Basic Reasoning, so basic that, imo, a 10 year old child would be able to cut it shreds without even raise a sweat.

@Triphid - well then my good "man" - put your ten year old mind to work - and rip it to shreds with your intellectual prowess - yet I will forewarn U - the mental acuity that U have so far demonstrated would prohibit such endeavor at its out set - and may thus prove to be - embarrassing &/or humiliating - for your online persona - should U ever attempt to so do -

none the less - Best wishes -
in your attempt to confute - the Truth of U -

@KWAPELL7 Jeez Louise, 5 (FIVE) WHOLE days go by while you try to think (?????) up a response, how your head must wracked with throbbing pain, how your poor grey matter must feeling so exhausted.
My I offer a bit of a solution to that present situation, Take 2 Neurophen now, rest up and repeat the dosage every 4-6 hours.


If we're all god, then being a god is irrelevant

it is if U choose to make it so - as such it will be for U -

ask of Ones Self - what limitations have - U placed -
upon "your" - definition & depiction of - Almighty GOD -
as that which is Eternal & Divine in its - Essence Nature & Being -

hint - a "limited god" - is Not -
Omniscient - nor - Omnipotent -
as such "god" is Not - Omnipresent -
and thus it - cannot BE - ALL Mighty -


This is a little loonier than your last post. New drugs? Or just ecstasy from Biden's win?

Just another jackass. Like a flat earther.

it could be a little bit of both -
or it could be neither -

it is - as it always is - in Life -
your Choice to believe as U may -


This looks like computer generated text.

No. Most random text gererators write far better than that. (Could be a very old one, but who still uses Windows-95 ? )

a truly nescient - elucidation & analysis -
leading to a rather stupefying conclusion -


I love that we are ripping him apart before he even takes office. How many of you voted for none of the above?


Please inform your nurse, that it is time for your next dose of meds, in fact you may have even missed the most recent prior dose.


WORD SALAD! What objective evidence do you have for a god existing?

Word salad. That's an excellent phrase! I would let you coin it, but apparently, coins are no longer acceptable in the states.

"Word Salad," I've seen better spewed up on the bottom of my parrots cage.


Are you for fuckin’ real?

Have you been listening to Pres. Chump and drinking bleach or disinfectants?

I AM - perhaps the Most "real" - Individuation of GOD -
that U - SeaRay215 - will encounter in this current - time of Life -

and No - I do not heed nor abide by - the words of - Any - imbecile -

@KWAPELL7 well that’s good. You are definitely better off not listening to yourself



I Love that meme -
and its profoundly simple yet -
profusely Deep & Eloquent message -


Wow. This guy must have an endless supply of Ritalin!!!

wE ~ALL~ do bekus Ritalin is us is god one endless never ending circular circle - feeling the flow - through U - in U around U - from the eArthly prison that is a prescription bottle for which hither-to wherefore & Cosby-fied one that is all whenceforth frees it from such ungodly but - GODLY - bonds binds bounds and bundt cakes

No - conversely it is my - admiration & respect for -
& as well - a healthy appreciation of the - mental acuity -
and the capabilities of the human animal as - { Body Mind Spirit} -


The day we vote out 45, finally exhale a sigh of relief, KWAPELL comes back to remind all us motherfuckers it's still 2020.

Hey somebody had to, why not him?

I Am - Happy to be of such service -
your going to - Love & hate 2021 -


Maybe it is because I am older now but I have a hard time understanding this. Sorry.

Don't book yourself into the nursing home yet, get a second oppinion first.

Not to worry DenoPenno -
such is the - Nature of Life -
some get it - some don't -

@KWAPELL7 The nature of life is that we are all here today and gone tomorrow.



dkp93 Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

yes - !!

LOL, " Dude." didn't mean to type DUD.

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