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My oldest son has been in New York following his bliss to being an actor. He's in a show that opens tomorrow night and he's freaking out. I've done my best to reassure him that he isn't going to suck. But, gah! He's 30, our jobs as worrying parents is never over. Or I should speak for myself.

I am all anxious for him. He doesn't want me to come up to see it. He said his last few rehearsals were terrible. It's Shakespeare ad he's done a lot of shakespeare, so I believe it's just anxiety, we are an anxious bunch my sons and I. We have been through a lot of bad stuff and I just don't want them to ever hurt. Like I have power whatsoever to do that. Even if I did, I am not a helicopter mom. Wasn't one even before the term was coined. Much less now that they are adults.

Anyway, just wanted to shout this out there to reduce my own anxiety. Didn't work. lol

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Well, my son had his opening night and he just texted me that it went well!! Thanks for the support ya'll!


Remind him that MANY of ''the greats'' confess they have stage fright every time they wait to ''go on." It's a good thing. ("The Bard" is a BITCH!)


I used to travel with theater companies, and I did it for quite some time. No matter how long I did it though, I was always nervous... and so were the rest of the cast. I think in a way that's part of the process. Being nervous keeps us 'in the moment' where we need to be.

I reminded him of that. I hear performers all the time talk about how the want to, or actually do, throw up as they are about to go on. But once you're on that stage muscle memory takes over.


My oldest son will be performing tonight in his last collegiate concert and he is anxious. Last night he was near a panic attack. He will be playing a solo and will be the only student conductor, and told me it will be horrible.
He plays beautifully, and I know he will do great.
I understand your anxiousness, because I am exactly the same way. At times I think that it's harder now that my kids are adults, because this world can be heartless, and there is little we can do to protect them.
So, I will be the mom in the audience with a handful of kleenex, bawling my eyes out due to anxiety and pride.

That's the thing, my heart aches when they are hurting. I don't care how old they are. This kid will be 30 in July, Mom was a great role model as a mother. I had an alcoholic father and a crazy childhood, but the one thing I could always count on was my Mom to be supportive of whatever I was going through. She mostly listened. That's what I TRY to do with my kids, but I can slip into problem solver mode if I'm not careful. And to me that sends a message than I'm not confident in their abilities to deal with their own trials and tribulations. Which is not the case at all. In fact, they are both smarter than me and haven't made any of the mistakes I made. And I made a lot. But I digress! Thanks for the comments, it really does help. It's silly really but I want to just get in my car, drive to NYC, hug him and tell him it's going to be alright. Then watch the look of mortification on his face. lol


As long as the leg he breaks is someone else's ... 🙂

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