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7 Simple Steps to Eliminate School Shootings Overnight by Kevin McCoullough


Leftists don't really care about our school children. They are just looking for an excuse, any excuse, to ban and confiscate guns in private hands. They want the USA to be the next Venezuela.

doug6352 7 May 20

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"Leftists" ??? I didn't see much leftist in the simplistic, poorly thought out nonsense in the article.

None of the suggestions in there will eliminate school shootings overnight. Metal detectors won't stop someone on their way in to kill people.
Drills won't stop the shootings - they might save a few people, but they won't stop the shooter.
Arm more people -yeah, right. Lets put more guns in the schools.
Show the consequences - do you really think that someone going into a school with the intent of killing people really gives a shit about the consequences?
He's already accepted that reinforcing doors and windows doesn't work.

No common sense Americans can deny the effectiveness of this shit? Is Kevin McCullough real or is this a spoof site?


YES YES YES, excellent post and I couldn't agree more! Truth spoken here folks, the liberal left never has nor ever will care about our children. @doug6352 if you are a pro 2A advocate, message me and I'll send you a link to a group I host on here that may interest you.


This makes pretty good sense to me - a "lefty". Please don't generalize - too many variables in opinions.

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