Having spent most of my life in the US struggling to hang on I finally chose to let go and let the flow of the Universe take me where it will. I have no regrets. I look forward to what each new day brings and am ever so grateful to be where I am, have what I have, and still have my little girl dog with me. Each new day brings its challenges, successes, defeats, lessons, and adventures. I hope one day to find a new home and start my own family. I am grateful for each new day the Universe gives me.

Thanks to this website and one of its members I have discovered what my beliefs coincide with and are. They are called Pantheism. An idea and philosophy advanced in the Middle Ages by Baruch Spinoza.

If you see me as an old fool you're probably right. I have a lot to learn for an older guy I see myself as one of the most naive people on the planet. I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong. Thus, not only do I have tons of questions of why something is I want to know how.

If you're looking for a relevent discussion I probably have plenty of questions to spark a running conversation. If you're looking to be funny please remember funny ain't funny to some people. If you have a smart ass remark take it elsewhere. If you're looking to up your post-count, say something that adds to the discussion. So, let's talk.

I was recently asked by an old friend who knew me as a devoted Christian, what happened? "You had such a wonderful relationship with God. He was your father and we could all see how much you loved him and how he loved you.” This is my response. I didn't move away from God as you put it, or backslide, or run away because I was angry. The God that I believed in was never there in the first place. My belief was challenged by real events in the real world—which forced me to look beyond the belief and into reality itself and deal with what was true and what was just made up. By letting go of that belief in God, in computer terms, I simply uninstalled an application that tried to take over my hardware and not allow me to function as I was meant to function. As to the “father” … in my mind I had created the perfect father based on deficits in my own life. That father was passionate, gentle, hilarious, creative, sensitive, wise, devoted, loyal, and he loved me deeper than I loved myself. God joked with me, he called me Toots, he cuddled with me, he was physical in ways I wasn’t allowed to be as a gay man, and he comforted me when I was down. Yet when I needed him most—when the universe came at me with real-life stuff—like a meteor crashing to earth—God wasn’t there. And that’s because he was “never” there. I was there. As a writer, I create characters all the time, and they’re powerful to me. They “exist!” I laugh with them, I cry with ...
Comment: I think it's like any relationship. Somewhere along the line you start drifting away. The further you drift you begin to wonder why there is no one pulling you back so you break away. Hoping there will be someone to pull you back but there is no one. That's when you know for sure you're doing the right thing.
How anti-theist are you? Not only am I an unapologetic atheist, but I am an anti-theist. Sure, I live in the real world and I have friends and relatives who are believers, but I do take many opportunities to educate others as to the horrors of religion and its horrific crimes. Human rights are threatened all over this planet because of religion and people are being tortured and murdered because of it. We are now living in a climate where it is OK to discriminate and call it freedom of religion. IN the USA, you can believe in human sacrifice, but you can't practice it....
Comment: A doctor told me I can't treat you unless you admit that you have the affliction you want to be treated for. So I followed that with you can't change unless you admit that you need to change. In addition, you can't stump with believers because they haven't admitted to themselves that it could all be a horrible lie. So I don't evangelize my beliefs because there's no one who will admit they want to hear them. I've always been a black sheep who walked his own path and been in a minority one way another where ever I go.
I am going through a very rough patch in my life right now. It seems to be one thing after another, starting with separating from my husband of 21 years. I am not generally a high stress person; but, when a bunch of things pile on at once, it takes its toll. Despite all this stress, pain, anguish and uncertainty, I have felt no desire, no need, to call upon a god for comfort or guidance. One would think, especially given I was a believer for over thirty years, that if the god I once believed in existed it would use this opportunity to impress upon me that it is there; but--nothing. What is helping me through this is my ability to reason. Sure, emotions still take over once in awhile; but I am always able to work my way through it. And, I know I will come out of this just fine. So, this, to me, is just more evidence that there is no god--especially a personal one....
Comment: It's gut-wrenching and deeply disappointing to find out that your support structure doesn't exist and never has. What's refreshing, exhilarating, and reinforcing is to find out that you're actually strong enough to endure the unendurable and able enough to get through and sort out the turmoil. Welcome to the club.
Thoughts on Satanism?
Comment: What specifically about them intrigues and piques your curiosity enough to consider joining them?
Should Atheists/Agnostics/Humanists actively oppose dangerous religious beliefs and practices?
Comment: Definitely. Dangerous beliefs and practices should be exposed for what they are and actively opposed.
Do you walk away from friends that are believers in one religion or another or tolerate their childish "blessings" etc.?
Comment: I tolerate them in a concerted effort to just get along. When they start preaching is when I find an excuse to walk away because it won't be a discussion it'll be a win/lose situation.
How many have been defriended on Facebook over your atheist memes and opinions?
Comment: Once but I never really considered him a friend although he considered me one. So I was okay with it.
Do you think there is only one human race?
Comment: Yes there is only one human race. The nazis advanced the theory of multiple races based on skin color but it's flawed if not totally incorrect. It was more or less to give them the base from which to prove one race was superior to others.
did you loose faith, or gain a sense of reality?
Comment: I lost faith and gained a sense of reality. It was over time because there were many incidents that caused me to question the validity of it all until I just said, "fuck it. I'm out of here."
Comment: Absolutely none.
Do you believe in Bigfoot?
Comment: I say yes because one hasn't been found because it doesn't want to be found.
The belief in a God Almighty was fostered upon us to have "order amidst chaos" -you think so?
Comment: I think it was more like control than order.
Morning folks, why aren't we all getting ready for the church this morning I wonder? ;-)
Comment: I don't go to church.
What's your phobia?
Comment: More than I'd like. Lots of insects like spiders, bees, wasps, hornets.Snakes, drowning and small spaces freak me out too. There are probably more.
When do you find sex the most enjoyable?
Comment: I'd say it's better once the relationship has become more stable due to knowing more about what the person likes and what they know that I like.
When I was researching religion and asking my friends and coworkers about the power of prayer it always amazed me that some folks seemed to always have their prayers answered. One lady told me she even asked god to give her a handsome husband like Brad Pitt and he frickin answered her!! So this was before I decided I was Agnostic, but I had attempted to pray to god and ask for some non selfish things thinkin perhaps he might be impressed w me not wanting Brad Pitt lol. Anyways, not a single damn time has he ever answered my prayers. Even when it came down to some serious shit- nothing! I began to think maybe god does exist but he didnt want my kind around. Bc it seemed the more greedy or selfish the person the more likely he was to help them. It seemed really the opposite of what I thought a good christian was it seemed god turned his back on them. There are a million reasons I am Agnostic. I see evidence for some humans to be able to reach him and for some of us no matter how good we are or good things we do he just snubbed his nose. So in true Agnostic form until I see proof for myself I'll lean more towards him not being real or not being someone I would want to spend eternity with anyways lol...
Comment: I'm one of "those" who espouse the belief that thought has energy and that prayer is focused energy. So...by focusing your thoughts on manifesting something you might actually cause it to happen somehow. Of course, there's no proof or evidence but I think it's a valid idea.
I work for Orkin Pest Control. Today I caught a mouse in the house the lady ran out screaming thank God you caught the mouse thank God you caught the mouse. I feel like telling her b**** I did all the work. It wasn't f****** hear God damn day out these traps God did not go to Orkin school and become the Orkin man to catch the f****** mouth I seen your f****** house. I couldn't say that I would have gotten fired but that's what I wanted to say....
Comment: It's just another stupid thing people say out of habit. I'd be pissed if she said something like since God helped you I'm not paying. Otherwise, I'd get on with it and pat myself on the back then go myself a treat to celebrate my coup.
I call myself a catholic agnostic, what do you call yourself?
Comment: I'm guessing you're hanging on to Catholicism because there is something in the teachings that you identify with. Like many the exposing of the inappropriate behavior of those in positions of power is revolting and you're repulsed by the thought of the people who are to blame but again something in the teachings has you intrigued. Whatever that is can probably be also found in human endeavor and rightful thinking. I suggest letting go of the label and going with solely Agnostic will lead to further revelations leading you away from organized religion and closer to a more sensible way of thinking about the human condition and where you and your family fit within it in regards to life and living a moral ethical lifestyle.
What is the point of living?
Comment: Living
Would you date a person with a terminal illness?
Comment: Nope but I would befriend one or more.
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