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GoodMan 4 United States

Agnostic, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker

An agnostic heterosexual, whose hobbies include: reading, writing, sports, music, dance, wine tasting, and just about anything else; depending on mood and company. Intelligent, humorous, thought-provoking, silly, and fun-loving dialogue is always welcome. Free thinkers don't hesitate, you inspire me. Religious zealots think twice, you annoy me. No spam or scams :)

Is there such thing as a soul mate?

Perhaps; it depends on how it's defined. If you mean someone who is strong where you're weak, and vice versa, there could several people that meet that criteria. If by soul mate you mean someone with similar views, interests, and differences that keeps the relations interesting and fresh; possibly, but again, there could be many, rather than just one. Then again, how do we really know when and if it's the right person, the right time. Perhaps our best bet is to make an educated guess, and hopefully our growth/change patterns are consistent with our soul mate, otherwise we may add to the divorce rate.
WhereAtAtheist 3 United States

Atheist, Secularist, Skeptic

It turns out that contact info is prohibited on this website . So finding me is impossible

Should marijuana be legal everywhere? all drugs?

No, you would make a mockery of medical science if medicinal marijuana was unrationed and unprescribed . California is more serious about science than Colorado . If anything , we need to re-criminalize alcohol which has many of the same side-effects as this weed. Bartenders are not private lifeguards , they will let you drown .
JohnnyD53 1 United States


Should religion be taught in schools?
yes! I think all religions should be explained not promoting any particular one!
kristanleann 2 United States


Hey all! My name is Kristan. I am on here to meet like-minded folks. It is hard to meet people around this area that have the same values as me. A lot of individuals make religion a HUGE priority in their relationships and friendships. I have nothing against others who practice but its hard to meet people that are like me in that way.... Message me and lets talk! More about my personal life" I am going to school to becaoming a mental health therapist. My goal is to eventually leave this state and go back to the west coast. Mountains, snow, and hiking are not fun for me. I love drinking tea, trying new foods, explore the city, shopping, the gym, art (e.g. ceramics, wood work, painting, photography), getting nails done, and deep conversation.

Is there anything good about religion?

I think there can be good things that stem from it. It helps people cope or gives them direction. I am an atheist...but I respect others views.
Sdberges 2 United States


How to deal with religious family and friends?
I just listen . I am always open to others opinions .
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