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Do scientific and religious explanations necessarily contradict each other? By Matias 7 Germany Apr 24 Apr 24 1010 comments
Religion is lazy way of governing/parenting. As a parent I can see the allure of taking the easy way out and inventing a fictional monster to ensure that your kids act right. I mean what better deterrent than to save yourself from burning in hell ... By abyers1970 5 GA Apr 24 Apr 24 11 comment
Seems fairly accurate, lol
By Aeonia25850 3 OH Apr 24 Apr 24 11 comment
[friendlyatheist.patheos.com] This is discrimintation By Larimar 4 MO Apr 24 Apr 24 1717 comments
God is everywhere.....it seems! By patchoullijulie 8 Australia Apr 24 Apr 24 2121 comments
A Favorite Hike: Ingalls Creek Trail
By LiterateHiker 8 WA Apr 24 Apr 24 1010 comments
@Admin, I come home to find this! Kessie swears it was addressed to her but she doesn't even have a profile!!! She's always stealing my mail...smh. Thanks for the shirt and pen, keep on truckin!
By Lutherzme 8 PA Apr 24 Apr 24 1010 comments
POLL Do you think this can be a good name for a church? (Big potential for a massive men following)
By Tiramisu 7 TX Apr 24 Apr 24 1818 comments
POLL Belief is the death of intelligence do you agree?
By Tiramisu 7 TX Apr 24 Apr 24 2424 comments
LINK Why Is It Difficult to Get Christians to Care About the Earth? | Sojourners By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 24 Apr 24 3131 comments
LINK Why Romantic Relationships are not the Cure for Loneliness. By bleurowz 8 NJ Apr 24 Apr 24 1717 comments
No use to pray, there's no one listening I will die anyway Some say I've killed, some call me Satan Now my blood must be spilled I'm sentenced for crimes I did not commit I'll pay with my blood, is this really it? Creations of God? No way! ... By RandyMoose 7 TX Apr 24 Apr 24 44 comments
LINK Bangladesh starlet apologises after 'atheist' comments - Bangladesh Weekly By zblaze 7 OR Apr 23 Apr 23 1111 comments
Missouri Bill Banning Anonymity of Atheist Plaintiffs in Lawsuits Passes House [friendlyatheist.patheos.com] By Buxx 6 TN Apr 24 Apr 24 88 comments
I used to think christian music stations were just idle attempts of recruitment but after working as a mechanic in a shop that played only christian music all day, and knowing all 12 songs, I hear it everywhere and people play that shit on purpose. ... By MaxPower 4 MN Apr 24 Apr 24 1515 comments
Hello everyone! I'm a recovering ex-cult member and joined this site in an effort to learn more about life after religion. I didn't realise I was raised in a cult until I (finally) went to a non-religious therapist, and she opened my eyes to a lot ... By OutreDragon 4 CT Apr 24 Apr 24 3737 comments
POLL Today is Shakespeare's birthday, may his works be long remembered as doing so has given him the closest thing to life after death possible. Still, even he will be forgotten one day, be it a thousand years, 10 thousand, or even longer. He has a ... By Beowulfsfriend 8 PA Apr 24 Apr 24 1515 comments
How many of you feel discriminated against for been Atheist? Do you agree, we need laws that protects atheist, non-believers, freethinkers minorities? By missgi 5 CA Apr 23 Apr 23 6464 comments
what is an atheist? what do they believe?
By AmmaRE007 7 Canada Apr 23 Apr 23 2929 comments
Tell me more..... ?
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 23 Apr 23 1010 comments
POLL What's the Difference Between Agnosticism and Atheism? | HowStuffWorks By zblaze 7 OR Apr 24 Apr 24 3939 comments
LINK Human Exceptionalism with a Human Face - Areo By zblaze 7 OR Apr 23 Apr 23 77 comments
Point system?! By Coffeeman 3 NC Apr 24 Apr 24 2626 comments
Alexa truly understands our sex lives... 3 easy steps, right on the box... ?
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 24 Apr 24 1010 comments
LINK Christian School Expels Two Black Students Because Their Mother Committed ‘Adultery’ | By IAJO163 7 PA Apr 23 Apr 23 3030 comments
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