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Recent Questions and Posts
Age & Belief I am curious to know if belief in a god changes as we age and get closer to death. I am 84 and my non belief has remained unchanged since my teen years, if anything, my non belief hasbecome stronger.
By alon 3 0 comments CA Mar 26
Here in Indiana the Republican Party(white nationalist) is pushing a bill thru the senate that would illuminate any Hate law protections for age, gender, or gender Idenity. Once they get that and they being the party of god have for years have wanted...
By CharlesMorris 4 1 comments IN Mar 26
This song called Circle, and my idea was about life of humans. I don't write much about it but I let you guys listening to the song and also I translated the song so you can understand what I meant. Lyrics translated from Farsi(Persian) to English...
By DavidFar 3 1 comments Iran Mar 26
Hardest part of not believing in God is living in the south. I'd say that 9 out 10 people I meet at Christian
By Bradzilla23 3 1 comments SC Mar 26
Fear of Death
By Elaine57 4 19 comments NC Mar 26
On a philosophical level i was very disappointed at the response i got from my post on the teachers in vancouver leading the children in a demonsration against allowing pipelines to be put through to the BC coast. what made the optics off this ...
By callmedubious 7 5 comments Canada Mar 26
there may come a day where I'm standing by a small fire in a prison camp for liberals singing a round of God Bless America at fascist gunpoint with a bunch of my fellow Americans. But that day ain't today.
By hankster 8 10 comments TN Mar 26
Is there anybody here, like me, who was never religious?
By celticagent 7 5 comments MA Mar 26
GTFOH! That's all that was saved? Could the entire population of that city fit in there? C'mon media, this is bullshit. LOL!!! [msn.com]
By IAJO163 7 0 comments PA Mar 26
The Paradox of the Stone is the Paradox of Religion: “Can God create a stone that cannot be lifted? If God can create such a stone, then He is not all powerful, since He Himself cannot lift it. On the other hand, if He cannot create a stone that ...
By CalvinJoe 6 3 comments Canada Mar 26
To all the people that used to be Christian, how did you lose your faith?
By Bradzilla23 3 16 comments SC Mar 26
Next time I'm required to go to a church function:
By bigpawbullets 8 2 comments OH Mar 26
I’m noticing a recent influx of followers of Jesus (Harold? Is that his middle name?) Christ. They seem to think they can come here and somehow convert logical thinkers. Can we make some sort of digital poisonous arrows to shoot at these people?
By BohoHeathen 7 19 comments OH Mar 26
McConnel refuses the release of full Mueller report. Despite the overwhelming majority vote (420-0) in the House. McConnel has never been interested in democracy. Enemy of the state nr One.
By Marcel3405 6 8 comments WA Mar 26
My all time most puzzling aspect of Christianity. If you go to heaven and then realize that your family members are not there and are burning in hell then how can heaven possibly be heaven if you care about your loved ones. It’s amazing some ...
By abyers1970 4 15 comments GA Mar 26
Hello My Darling Friends. ....my fellow Heathens. .. Hope we all are having a Lovely day....... Hope we all have a Beautiful Tuesday :) and Let's have a Fabulous Life 8) PEACE & LOVE, MY DARLINGS !!!
By Green13Purple 3 6 comments CA Mar 26
Cop out: "Spiritual But Not Religious" [google.com] Agree or disagree?
By Athena 7 23 comments Canada Mar 26
This is one of my favorite songs from Simon and Garfunkel, just listen and watch and read the lyrics. Hello Darkness my old friend.... I've come to talk with you again .... Youtube Peace!
By DavidFar 3 5 comments Iran Mar 26
Brain like a flash memory When you lost it all Buried down in the graveyard Still think about the next world? But can you think without your brain? Can you see or touch anything? Without eyes and your hands? Can you feel everything ... ...
By DavidFar 3 0 comments Iran Mar 26
My take on Xian mythology... "God sent God to die for God so that God could forgive God's creations according to God's unbending rules." Too Rube Goldberg for my tastes.
By WilliamCharles 7 5 comments CA Mar 26
When I see too many wars and hates (in societies like never ending discussions or just in war fields) , It makes me get back to something to make people smile at each other, loving each other, though the nature is working like stock market waves, and...
By DavidFar 3 0 comments Iran Mar 26
Recently I was writing a song, it was right after I saw some lonely and sad people's quote on a website, then my brain started to bringing some words to me: Cry baby cry, This world is full of lies Try not to try, Release yourself and fly Leave ...
By DavidFar 3 3 comments Iran Mar 26
Once again...religious ideals 5-month-old boy dies after parents circumcise him at home [wpbf.com]
By BohoHeathen 7 18 comments OH Mar 26
So, we nonbelievers are now tied for top spot in reported religious affiliation. And how many of those who claim a "religion" really don't believe either but fear it is unseemly to say "none"? I know I was one for many years. ...
By DotLewis 7 12 comments KS Mar 26
Religion. The root of evil?
By Aaaaaatheist 4 31 comments NV Mar 26
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