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If you discovered there was no god, How would you go about not worshiping it?

anonymous 7 Dec 24

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I would go about my life making my own meaning and not worshipping the exact same way I don't worship now because gods aren't real.


Stay home on sundays and study Abstract Algebra instead?


I go about not worshiping a fictional being by: living my life, appreciating nature, being a good person and not feeling guilty about not going to a place of brainwashing every Sunday.


Hide behind anonymity and see if God killed me for eating forbidden fruit? Gotta start somewhere. Baby steps is ok. There is no such thing as worship, just submission. Taking responsibility for you life all at once requires willpower you may not have yet. Give it time. Love something.


I don't worship anything now except potato latkes.

If we can get a group together somewhere for MA and NH I'll make some.


Well, since I made that discovery long ago...or at least any "real god" doesn't care if its worshiped...

considers a moment

Yeah, nothing would change!


Like this! 😉

Varn Level 8 Dec 24, 2017

Which god?

All of them?

Does everyone on Earth know they don't exist?

If there were no theists anymore, I would no longer need to be an atheist.


just like I do now or don't as the case may be.


By fully living, not devaluing this life like it's some kind of dress rehearsal for an afterlife.


That's currently an untestable theory, but I'd crack a beer and open some more Christmas presents!


I unworship every day. It's easy and quite relaxing.


This is a bit like, if I didn't win the lottery how wouldn't I spend the money. ???? But seriously, I'd take a moment to feel vindicated, and then just another day in a godless universe that exists because it exits.


I have already discovered there is no god(s) about as much as one can.


sin baby sin


Stupid war ship I've been doing that

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