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Do you still have beliefs, even though you are an atheist?

I define "belief" as accepting something as true without evidence.

I have met some atheists on here who are adept at pointing out fallacies in religious beliefs, but who hold on to beliefs in their own lives, and in fact, will not accept any evidence that contradicts those beliefs.

I have been guilty too. I try to weed out all the beliefs I have, but occasionally discover one I had overlooked. My latest was something like "failure indicates lack of character."

Have you struggled with leftover beliefs? Again, I don't mean something like "I believe in myself," or "I believe my wife is the most beautiful in the world." I mean accepting claims about reality with no evidence.

anonymous 7 Dec 24

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None that I know of. I try to purge them if I find em.


I do have a few beliefs but I tend to define myself as an atheist with Buddhist tendencies.
I believe in what I call the "collective subconscious" which for me means that I believe people's thoughts have an effect on the universe. So does that make me something other than an atheist? It's not really a higher-power...

But I've always had a hard time believing in things that even non-religious people believe in strongly; ghosts for example.

I believe that the collective unconscious could exist, but not that it exists. There is a difference.


I'll answer with one of my favorite quotes. George Polya wrote many years ago: "Do not believe anything, but question only what is worth questioning". He explained in one of his books that no one has the time to examine in detail every proposition that they are exposed to.

Everyone has to choose which ideas are worth their time and effort to explore. I am obsessive enough that I spend more time than I should trying to error as seldom as possible. But at least I know it is often a futile quest.

BTW -- It turns out I thought I was wrong once but I found out later I was mistaken.


Most everyone believes they have free will. A lot of the things we experience only exist due to perception. Therefore humans will always have beliefs.

Riley Level 6 Dec 24, 2017

I'm not even sure about free will. There are paradoxes.


I have ideas. Ideas are superior to beliefs because ideas are susceptible to change based off of evidence and experience. I'm not burdened by the weight of belief.


I am agnostic by default. The most likely explanation for religions and a belief in a god is sociological influence rather than any observable evidence of such. At such time as there is any evidence of a supreme being that meets the "most likely test" then I will modify my belief system.


No, I don't. At least nothing beyond the mundane everyday things, but those are exceedingly flexible.


Guilty. I.. kinda believe that crystals enhance my life. For example, I've noticed that my days are usually a lot more pleasant when I carry rose quartz or pyrite in my pocket. I don't consider myself spiritual, since I don't indulge in anything else like pagan practices or meditation, etc. Bring on the roast session, I'll hear it. 😀

Crystals are cool.


We all have blind spots.


yes, aliens and partners who want sex as much and when I do.


Don't ever deny any evidence of anything!!!! That's what I


Sure. I believe in gravity.

I believe if I walk outside and drop a rock, then it will fall. That’s a belief.

It’s still belief.

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