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Is man really composed of a body a soul and a spirit?

If man is indeed made up of a body a soul and a spirit then how come I have never seen my soul and spirit..?
So now if my spirit and soul really do they look like ..are they blue,black or white in colour etc

anonymous 7 Dec 24

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No. I thought it was obvious that the idea of a "soul" as a separate entity which exists independent of the body is a religion-like and rather absurd idea.


Like the existence of a deity, there is no empirical proof of a soul, spirit or whatever.
Life for us, requires a functioning brain. That is proof enough that there is no ghost in the machine I think.
I think there is a 99.9% certainty, that there is no soul or spirit, or for that matter any other so called supernatural manifestation.


I've always believed that whatever someone might call soul or spirit is outside of our current means of identification. That's also part of why I call myself agnostic. I refuse to accept that the lack of proof that something is true is equal to proof that it is false.
It's a logical fallacy that all too many atheists buy into, which makes their conclusions nearly as suspect as the conclusions drawn from "sacred texts" with no evidence to support them.
All of this being said, I understand the skepticism. I think it probably comes from the concept of consciousness and thoughts, which, similarly can't be Proven to exist in anyone but oneself. Descartes was right when he said the only thing he could know for sure was that he existed, because he knew his thoughts originated with himself. He couldn't be sure that he had a body or that his perceptions of the world were accurate but he did know he existed.
After that he made some logical leaps about a god that wouldn't be so cruel as to place him in a world of nothing but illusions but his basic concept was sound. In many ways science is based on a shared idea that the physical world we perceive around us is verifiable and solid. As well founded a that belief is, it is insufficient to support the idea that things we cannot measure or define cannot exist.
Maybe I went on a bit of a tangent there but I still believe in souls or minds or spirits depending on what you want to call them. What exactly they are, whether they have any physical substance or can be quantified in any way is yet to be seen, but at least as a concept they do exist.


Most definitely there is a "spirit" aspect of the human body. Call it what you will, the soul, spirit, atman, Chakras, Ka, aura, etc. It's the flowing energy network of your body. Its changes can affect your mood and your overall energy level.

As far as what color a person's aura is...I have no clue. I can't see it.
All I know is that when I meditate, I can feel a huge change in my mood and energy level.

As for a part of the human experience that continues after death, who can say.


Human bodies are composed of bones, muscles, organs,blood, fluids, hormones and different diseases in different people. And yes you can't see souls. If anyone does they need psychiatric help.


Well, we're sure of the body. Soul and spirit, debatable and with wildly varying options and opinions.

In most opinions you can't see soul or spirit (and in some because they don't exist), there are those who claim to see them (ghosts too) and we're still left with no understanding of what they really are, if anything at all.

Hope that helped. 😉

@Frank1006 I'll leave you to consider those possibilities, and the possibilities those create.

I've pondered and studied your questions considerably but, in the end, I just don't know.

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