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If your little man(10year Old nephew) ask u if it’s ok for them to masturbate after given him a long lecture to satisfy his curiosity ,what will you say to him?

anonymous 7 Dec 24

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Tell him it is absolutely ok. It is something we do in private, just as we close the door when we go to the bathroom. But it is not bad to make ourselves feel good.
If a kid asks you, you should give honest advice. Any adult should be able to give the same advice. Hopefully the child's parents are giving him or her the same input.


Sounds like he knows what he's doing after some informative life talk from a person he trusts very much.


I was asked a similar question by my niece (aged 9), I gave her sort of a lecture on the matter:
"This concerns you and you alone. The decision is yours, yet if you go for it keep the following rules - this is your private business. Do it in private. I should not know about it, nor anybody else. If you do anything, leave no traces of it, especially graphic content on your phone, computer or whatever - you do not know who may find them and for what purpose they may be used. Keep hygiene. If you doubt something may be dangerous - consider it dangerous. If you have any health or other concerns - you can ask me, I will answer within my knowledge, yet it would be better if you ask your parents."


Of course it is ok. Why would it not be?
This is a bit like struggling with the question, is it ok to eat?


Kids should have an honest and dependable and knowledgeable adult to turn to for all questions concerning their humanity. Sadly, there aren't a lot around so be one as often as you can be!

Of course it's okay, in moderation, like all things but also to share with someone who cares about it and is on the same level, age appropriate of course.


...ask your mother. (chuckle)


yeah, on second thought, ask your parents is better


I was ten years old when I started. If he is asking questions he will probably do it, with or without permission. Shaming children for being curious about their bodies is counterproductive, IMO.


Why did you have to throw relatedness into the question? THAT makes it dicey, if I want to continue to socialize with said nephew or his parents.

If not, I'd explain that it does no harm and can even be healthy, and that most do so. If I do not want to make waves, though, I might casually mention my take on it and then suggest that each has his or her own opinion and to see his mom about it.

Zster Level 8 Dec 26, 2017

Ha ha.I'd say, Hell YES, little brutha. .. you go for it, guilt free.... but beware that it's not socially proper to talk about such things to anyone but close family.


I will explain to him that is not good for his health and in future, he will not be able to connect with women in a normal way. but how you got to this point first?


Go ask mom !


It's just natural to mastrubate. Mastrubation releases endorphins. It's actually good.


Here's the kleenex, close the door.


"TMI, Little Man...what you do when the door is closed is all up to you!"

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