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QUESTION What do we mean by 'thinking'?

anonymous 7 Dec 27

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I'm going to disagree that thinking requires language. Either that, or language goes further back than we evolutionarily think. I base this on observations of our little doggie, Nora Mae. When she has to make a decision to accomplish something, her little brow furrows, and then she makes her decision. (i.e. either stare at mommy to get more chicken, stare at daddy because he can convince mommy to give her more chicken.) But when she's faced with something handled by canine instinct, there's no furrow (i.e. flush out the rat, wait for it to come out on its own, quit and try for the squirrel instead.) So I would say thinking is figuring out something novel. Nora and I have a symbol set we use for communication; I wouldn't call it a language, but she has some mechanism for communicating.


A good read.


Doh! Didn't realise it was a link when I answered, will read it now


Usually, cognition is accompanied by some images unless we are working on a mathematical problem, even then, we still need symbols.... Mental chatter can take many forms. Do we consider Hamlet's first soliloquy mental chatter or that of Leopold Bloom in James Joyce's Ulysses?

Hmm, I'm fairly sure it's language (and yes, a shorthand version of too, especially when reading) in my head, not so many pictures. Though when I've crammed for an exam, I've been able to replicate diagrams seen that morning in answers!


Weighing reason to absurdity concluding that the condition are feasible for a logical path to navigate to a common apex.


Thinking, pondering, considering, analyzing,testing, mentally dissecting, trying to understand? ie, I don't know, yet I often listen to my thought processes and try to understand why I am thinking and what to make of it. It does get very noisy in here.


Cognition... or just internal chatter

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