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We're happy to roll out an update to our "likes" button. You can now select a dozen different types of emotions in your "likes". You can still do a single click for the good old thumbs up. We realize that we don't want this site to be too much like that big blue social network but the ability to express different emotions is important. If you are getting "likes" notifications, they will now say "reacts to".

Admin 8 July 1

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As people will notice it works I just tried it in these comments randomly so don't take any notice people

Thanks. You reacted to my comment. But I have no idea which choice you made.

@Ellatynemouth it was the oh no one thought it was appropriate lol

@Ellatynemouth if you hover over the thumbs up icon it will show you who has reacted and their choice.


Ha ha!

@Simon1, @HippieChick58

Thank you. I just found out ?

Played with it a bit on your comment and hit red growly face and reactions went from 6 to 7. A click on the 7 changed it to a conventional like. A subsequent click on the 7 removed the like changing it back to 6 reactions.


Again thanks for all your great work.


The popup goes partially out of view when the like button is near the bottom of the page. (desktop in Firefox)

Indeed it does, easy to test because your post is at the bottom of my page. 🙂 Would be better to pop off to the side.

Same here

Yes, we're aware of it and are working on a solution... we might have to make the drop down be two columns or add space at the bottom of the page.

I'm also using Firefox but on a MacBookPro. While the emoji dropdown list sometimes is longer than the remaining screen (depending on how high up or down the post is) I can hop onto that dropdown menu to continue scrolling down to the bottom to get the "meh" emoji. So the length of the list isn't problematic for me. (Except which to choose from so many!)

@Julie808 Not working under Linux, although I have seen that behavior in the past on other sites.


Thank you for the extras. I look forward to being able to use them once you find the bug that ate the like button for some of us members.


Thank you for your hard work and attention!


Thank you I am enjoying these!


Great upgrade!


I just noticed it... and had wondered how long it had been active. Evidently I noticed it on the first day.


So far: 73% Like, 13% Haha, 8% Hmmm 1.6% Sad 1.4% Wow

Admin Level 8 July 2, 2018

theres a meh! it works...this is funner.


Could you put the actual reaction in the alert instead of the generic "reacted?" Before these various reactions, I could simply see the "likes" in the alerts and that was enough, not having to actually click on it.


Great faces and add ons to the LIKE. Thanks.. 🙂


Someone just reacted to one of my comments, but I can't see their choice of reaction.

It doesn't matter so much.

Edit. I've found out how it works ?


Thank you for the update!


Awesome! Thanks for the update.


Nice! We're able to express ourselves better. Now I'm wondering when we'll get that middle finger emoji. LOL!!!


Yay thanks bunches! Even more fun! 😀


That's fun! I love them...thanks!


My phone hates it and I hate my phone, thus...I hate it by association. I'll like it better when I get a new phone and burn this nokia windows piece of shit.


So would shrug translate to eye roll? Lol...I need that much more on FB than here tho


How many years did everyone on FB wish for a dislike button?


Very cool, I did think when I first seen it, well there'll be someone in the Senate who won't like this. LOL


this is really cool admin, but it does require double click. one to bring up the list and one to select whatever, even just a simple like.

Same for me. A single click like would be gooder.

For me it's hover and chose one. Maybe you aren't waiting long enough for the list to drop down?

@RavenCT nope on my phone anyway I've got to click it and then pick the one I want and click that one. phone ain't got much hover


VERY cool. This site is on track for an award soon.


Ah! I was wondering. Thank you!


Bug Report: If the menu opens on the bottom comment of a page when using iOS app, the bottom options are cut off by the bottom of the screen with no way to scroll down to them.

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