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QUESTION *Hymns* of Jediism

"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Saga Begins

Theists, just move along. Nothing to see here and please don't create a thread for xianity insanity music!

I roughly identify as a jedi, not that I think any of it ever happened but rather its "borrowing" from southern and eastern Asian philosophies, classical mythology, Roman history, Zoroastrianism,...

Now if someone told me they believed these hymns I'd be skeptical and consider if I want to unidentify with them.

DangerDave 8 Jan 1

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'Cos ya gotta make time for love...


Any way the Force flows...

Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition


This is an interesting but controversial hymn from a jediaic splinter sect, Padawan @Jnutter819 Normal seagulls would have not attacked Yoda...if they were attuned to the force they may have tried to be near here but not attack him...unless...

unless...UNLESS...they were



A li'l jedi 'lectronica.

Remember, even though it looks like it's the future...


Another hypocritical hymn! Everyone knows there was no Chicken-Duck-Woman Thing in Star Wars!

that put a damper on his youthful dreams

@btroje hehe...we do have a few others of our...experience who would catch the "bushes" reference. Just don't tell the kids. sshhhhh.


BLASPHEMY!!! Luke, you are never alone...the Force is always with you!

good one!




lHad not heard this one before-good timing-Last Jedi is kicking ass at the box office now.


so much better than the new movie


Leave it to the younger generation to bring their own music to the scene!

Bad Lip Reading has several!

lol terrible!

Seagulls (Stop it Now) is another good BLR Sw song lol

that was sweet


Now one for one of jediism's greatest, and shortest, prophets...

@Gatovicolo Beatcha and mine's animated! No big...if you think of any more, post 'em!

I saw that

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