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QUESTION A Tale of Tales from the Last Inn

Tales became a vision of mine at 15, shortly after I wrote what would become the "vampy vampire" finale of one of my favorite "threads", that of a sweet medieval maiden bitten who, some centuries later of battle against her own kind and other mythical monsters, decides its ok to feed on "bad guys".

"Threads" I say because the songs, dances and acted segues are "puzzle pieces" to put together for the needs of the venue.
Renaissance faires were the best places to get all these elements in, usually with such simple instructions as "we want a show about period music, the history of the lute, etc."

"Hiwayman" is typically a good first piece in that portrays the meeting of our "prebite" maiden and my first character, the free spirited bard who will become her mentor and narrator, her "Giles" to my "Buffy" if you will.

You can see some of my other works in the same Youtube but sadly, most suck. Like this "Hiwayman" most videos were rushed, unnecessary asides to training Treasures and preparing for shows.

Tales is just a series of experiments with varying degrees of "success" anyway. Let's see how this one fairs...

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Tales' 'Toons are "photographic novella" sets I do for some of my act leads and several successful models who just want the 'toons or other art. Sometimes sexy. sometimes silly, sometimes scary...these shorts were inspired by such diverse artists as those involved in the creation of Heavy Metal (mag more than movies), The Twilight Zone, Benny Hill...

My main labor of the day was finally finishing Toki's first Tale, "My Demon Lover". You can see it in its entirety in my profile photos and the Tales from the Last Inn FB page. The introduction there...

Ready for a story, kiddies? Yes, it has been awhile! Toki's first Tale is a strange little romp into the unreal, a rendezvous with the unknown...or perhaps just the unknown to you...


Another "origin" Tale is of me, the self same 15yo geek, proudly carrying his first boxed D&D set home to soon be the sage of the neighborhood! I was soon "outside the box" creating new realities to explore, puzzles to solve, challenges to overcome.

The most enduring of these was what became a four "real" year campaign. The players went from youthful neophytes who could barely lift a sword to 50th level vets who challenged the gods themselves.

Here is the synopsis of the entire story, written as a "theoretical theology" a mother would read her children to sleep with...




My favorite Tales are those spontaneously inspired by Treasures. These are generally stand alone Tales which can often be "inserted" into longer Tales as side stories or examples of a given topic.

The topic here is a recurring theme in my art I call "theoretical theology". Paige was a timid, untrained "one day Treasure" who I am quite certain was a theist. She was entirely taken aback by the act, having the daunting task of performing while training.

She told me that day Tales would be too much for her, and I had to agree. Still, she left me some wonderful memories and this Tale of the "Fallen Angel", her chosen character of the day.


"A" "finale". Yes, the photography is mine too. Though my "multidisciplinary" approach to the arts may make them all suffer, I can't help it. Its what I do.

Yes, I wrote the lyrics and main themes at 15 though it has been through many revisions since. My "muse" was a sweet wiccan, Nancy (pictured is Amber I, I hadn't taken up photography yet), who, with her coven, were "followers" of, and at times dancers in, my earliest heavy metal acts. When I first saw the movie "The Craft" I was hit by an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, though "our" witches weren't nearly as malicious...or successful.

This end is possibly a new beginning. Our vampire who has struggled for centuries to maintain her humanity finally decides its ok to bite bad guys. What happens after...

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