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Keep your rosaries off others ovaries

Totally fab.

T-Shirts should be made.

@Paul628 I wear my t-shirt carry my sign and shout down the screaming tampon terrorists at abortion clinics

I have some old rosaries still from when I was a good, churchgoing kid. Perhaps I could repurpose them as "love beads." πŸ˜›

where there's an opportunity there is an opportunist. I hate the word vagina and penis

@LeighShelton I do not understand hatred of anatomy 101

@LeighShelton are u a fig leaf fan ?

@greenashiestI just don't like the names is all.i prefer pussy it rolls off the tongue better.

@Paul628 my one of a kind shirt is fading from 2006

@GreenAtheist I used to pull over for abortion protest and enter the crowd. I adopted a child and my sister has adopted two kids. So I ask the members why they the baby to be born, and then ask them how much they donate to the forced birth children, the typical answer was I am here aren't I I then push a notepad asking them to sign up for a monthly donation and then I am usually busted by that point.

@LeighShelton Literally? Eewwww.

so what words do you choose for nether regions @Countrywoman? i guess ya lights out missionary girl then lol.

@EMC2 defrauding the frauds ?

@LeighShelton anatomically correct words do not imply prudery nor intimacy. words for lovers body parts should not be posted here unless you are bucking for porn editor @ Penthouse Magazine

or there's freedom of speech mate. can't imagine your actual angle on this but I can guess you old letch. I call things what I want.

I'll toast to that! @Paul628

@Paul628 Totally agree....There might be, I haven't checked.....yet

@resserts LMAO

Oh!! This is a good one for a t-shirt.

@Paul628 If you do make T shirts you might like to put the apostrophe in after the word others - sorry to be a pedant, just born that way πŸ™‚


@resserts RE the Love beads... Great concept... get some of those big ones the priests wear...."Stop when you hit the cross!"

@resserts I like the way you think

@resserts ha ha

@Redcupcoffee every sperm is sacred every sperm is great if a sperm is WASTED gawd GETS QUITE IRATE


Sigh... if was only about your vagina or religion: I don't want any laws governing any part of my body.

What I put into it and what I comes out of it should be no bodies business as long as my input and output aren't harming anyone else.


This philosophy also applies to assisted suicide. If I want to leave this mortal shell behind for any reason, who is anyone else to say I shouldn't?

@SilverDollarJedi But the raising of children falls under the "not harming others" clause. Raising them badly is definitely harming them. Problem is who gets to define "badly"?

@SilverDollarJedi Sounds a lot like Sam Harris's scientific morality. We now have, or are rapidly developing tools which will allow us to better define what is good for us. With luck they'll be able to do this for individuals, not just populations. It'll never be perfect, but it's way better than trying to guess based on inherited hatreds from the bronze age.

As the great Taj Mahal once said:
Champagne don't drive me crazy
Cocaine don't make me lazy
Ain't nobody's business but my own

@TheMiddleWay I fully agree. As as we are of a mature age, it should not be a crime to do to our own bodies - whatever we want. That includes suicide. It therefore means that a woman has the exclusive right to abortions if she so chooses. The government has no say.


Seriousness aside, Godless Vagina is a great name for a band.

I listen to a band with that name just out of curiosity.


What a statement! Now just to convince the bureaucrats, lawyers, doctors,...

Not having a vagina let me tell you about my godless penis...but...nevermind...


I think everyone probably knows that Penises "have no gods before them"!

@CapriKious lol [] ? Don't you mean brains?

@FrayedBear No. I did not. Would not have fit the jest.

@CapriKious I have several acquaintances who have proven the statement that men are not able to be led by their brains when their penises lead the way ... more human population pollution!

Perhaps sadly for men no one tries to control the penis. Politicians don't try and tell men what can happen to their bodies.

@Kellendra OH but they do!
Men have their foreskin needlessly amputated frequently when helpless babies and certainly before being able to give informed adult consent to this barbaric act that leaves them crippled for the rest of their lives. 2 in 6000 on average die as a result.
I notice that in many Christian countries circumcision of females is illegal as are masechtomies at birth to prevent breast cancer.
Post Vietnam conflict many returned servicemen suffering ptsd were given the opportunity to be lobotomised. I believe that more than 10,000 including conscripts took the option.
The simple procedure - the victim started reciting the first nursery rhyme that they learnt. An ice pick was inserted under the eyeball and into the brain where it was used to gouge out the the grey matter until the nursery rhyme could no longer be remembered.
The government owns everyone's body.


I had a doctor in my vagina. I would def recommend it. πŸ˜‰


You go girl!

gearl Level 7 Jan 5, 2018

Goes for penises too. Please do not to chop pieces off to please GOD. Nature made them that way for good reason.

Some have tried to claim that male circumcision offers a health benefit. Though their argument is specious.

@intrepid65 Men know how to keep clean circumcised or not. And the truth is only about 1/3 of men in the world are circumcised, and mankind is doing just fine. Muslims are the major circumcised group and strangely the U.S. picked up the habit much more than most countries. For a while they were saying the special Langarham cells in foreskins might help HIV to get transmitted, but after better testing and many studies, now they are saying just the opposite and those special cells in foreskins are a good protection against HIV.
But there is never any good reason to sexually mutilate women. Just old barbaric customs hanging around.

Interestingly the following blog which went viral is written by a young American woman and breaks the secret particularly for Americans blinded by religion and ignorance.

@FrayedBear Thanks for the link to that detailed article. I saved it for future reference too.

@Silverwhisper Over the last few years I have put it before hundreds of people and never cease to proactively decry anyone promulgating such barbarism. I consider that psychologically it is probably the greatest betrayal that can be inflicted upon a man in his life. And it is not just the removal of a bit of skin, something like 2 in 6000 die as a consequence.


Yes, you are only one owner of your vagina, no one else is.

Hussy Level 4 Jan 5, 2018

One would like to believe that but when you see all this political crap out there, one should charge rent.

@mistymoon77 that would be income then the govmint COULD tax it. just sayin' πŸ˜‰

@mistymoon77 Agreed


Imagine if they wanted to pass a law that would force a vasectomy on men who do not pay their court ordered child support (on the theory that you would not want them to continue to father even more children that they would not support or be responsible for). Can you even imagine the uproar over the mere suggestion that a man's reproductive rights/body could be tampered with by the gov't? OMG

@Redcupcoffee It is just beyond my comprehension how any male legislator can believe that he has the right to decide what I can or can't do with any part of my own body. Every time I hear someone speak up about the "sanctity of life", I always ask them how many children they have adopted?

Hey now you will be giving them more BAD ideas with this type thinking we could think the whole thing into extinction! Let's just get back to the basics and you do your thing and I'll do mine, and if you don't like mine walk on by.

@bandit321 you missed my point. I was trying to point out the total absurdity of that type of thinking - on both sides. I am - and have always been - a "live and let live" kind of person. BTW, I don't think there's any danger of extinction - last time I looked, people were still having plenty of sex - lots of babies still being born. πŸ˜‰

@Lavergne It ain't just you, they want less Gov't(read less oversight) so they can screw us and then tell me what to do in my own house. They want to tell me who I can marry, what I can do after I'm married.

I tend to agree with your sentiment on sterilizing irresponsible degenerates. However, I am not sure the logic is consistent. I am aware of no law which requires women to be sterilized.

Unfortunately the fundamental physiological and reproductive differences between males and females means there will be very different issues facing each sex when it comes to reproductive rights, etc. If men were the ones who had to carry pregnancies, I suspect the laws would still be very similar to what we have in our society today. I believe the reproductive laws are influenced more by antiquated religious beliefs than they are by sexual politics or sexism.

All this being said, I don't think the government should have any say in anyone's body, period. Those are very personal decisions, especially after one reaches a certain age.

@Piratefish just to be clear - I was just having a little fun with the whole premise. And while I completely agree with your position about the gov't not having a say in anyone's bodies - its been going on for a long time now. Always some group out there wanting to pass some law to protect us from ourselves...(seat belts, motorcycle helmits, etc). I suppose its just the price we pay to be a part of a civilized society.

@Lavergne And how many bother to answer you?

@jellyfish so what is your solution to "too many people"?


I read a report from the Texas State legislature that they were contemplating whether to censure a female member for using the phrase, "stay out of my vagina", in her speech before the assembly about a vote on a very restrictive abortion bill. Her fellow statesmen were shocked that she should use that word!! Backwards jack asses!


LOVE IT πŸ™‚ YES!!! This should be a billboard and for sure blasted across the SUPER BOWL as a commercial!

Oh what an amazing idea! Can you imagine?

@CeciRosane60 the Anti-Defamation Catholic League would line up with their enemies Baptists to stop our Atheist billboard KEEP YOUR ROSARIES OFF THEIR OVARIES both sets of believers want mandatory pregnancy laws banning all abortion

Baptists line up with us Atheists to ban tax money to catholic schools


If the tampon terrorists were correct, menstruation would be adjudged murder.'s the duty of every fertile female ONLY HAVE SEX IN THE OPTIMAL TIME WINDOW to conceive a perfect pregnancy and then be confined to a bed for 10 lunar months never shaking that blastocyte "baby" loose out any vagina. ...after all 139th Psalm declares infallibly: "marvelously perfectly made in secret" read the whole damn Psalm and the fetus is duty bound to: "hate thine enemies with perfect hatred" meaning kill non-believers of the bible after traveling outside the holy perfect gawdly vagina

well pull my string - it really says THAT? lol

@silverotter11 4 bible passages YHWH gehobah orders : " rip open the bellies of pregnant women " unsafe genocidal abortions


So be it... my reply won't be as eloquent. But let's just say I am godless too.


I like to deify mine, personally. It’s otherworldly, threatening, and you don’t tell me what to do with it or you get smote.


Wait, I thought it was the uterus that was the 'property of the state.' Now the vagina too? Not much left but the ovaries for an external power to go after. How strange that in the 21st century there remain people who wish to control the sex organs of others, effectively harvesting them for their own purposes.

Conservatives who don't like the State telling them what they should do, but who wish to ban abortions, appear oblivious to this contradiction. And if these religiously motivated antiabortionists get their way, they will effectively employ the government to reach into a woman's body, and take possession of the embryo, which, for some, would be at the moment of conception (say goodbye to RU-486), for others it could be when the first heartbeat occurs (less than 4 weeks). But then, conservatives will always be comfortable in a totalitarian state, so long as it enforces their narrow set of values.

Well said.

@craycraycatty McDonnell would differ? In what respect?


I think if men had the vaginas instead of women abortion would be available on demand! The world would also be a lot less populated!!

If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

@zeuser Amen to that!

In the movie ANGIE Geena Davis drives home the point of weak boys and powerful women: pregnant in the delivery room getting stupid instructions from the boy doctor she blasts him: " how would you like to push a ten pound bowling ball out the end of your prick ???


Parenting explained in one sentence: "No, it's not a bad word, and no, you can not name your hamster Vagina."

I named my hedgehog Millie Margaret Merkin.


A Mans Point Of View.

Coldo Level 8 May 2, 2018


I'm a woman, and I find this f'ing hilarious. Thanks for sharing!


LOVED IT....agree with 100% best thing I seen in awhile


Vagina always wins.

In rock paper scissor vagina. Vigina always wins.


Couldn't have said it better.


I remember posting to this thread all the way back in August and now it's back. Just proves you can't keep a good vagina down.

But you sure can try to


Vaginas are one of the best things to ever exist. And I agree, the government needs to remove its gigantic proboscis from the most sacred of places.


Agreed! Particularly offensive are laws created by humans who don't have a vagina - men!!!

Or any type of medical training and probably very little experience in any way with the real thing.


But how often do women try and tell men what sexual thoughts (and fantasies!) are improper, unhealthy, bad etc...?

Men do a lot of fucked up shit, being the ones who rule the roost.

But women are subject to equally fucked up ideas, and would impose them on men if they could!!

And this does happen in many relationships...

So many problems would be solved if those responsible for finding the answer had to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.


If I find out that you are lying, and there really is a lawyer in there, I'm gonna be really disappointed.

@Redcupcoffee You mean like Ally McBeal?! - hopefully she also has a real flair for high heels and lingerie (corsets & bustiers please). If she also has a consent form and waiver of liability handy, that would be great.

@Redcupcoffee LMAO

@Redcupcoffee No finesse? Dear oh dear. What have you been missing?

A woman had three children, they grew up to be a doctor, a lawyer, and a politician.

Obviously a hard-working immigrant family.

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