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Good heavens! Sometimes I think I'm too young and naive for this site.

Young is an accident of timing of birth and we just have to live with it. Naive can be cured, keep reading and learning.

I don't think so. You just might not be angry and bitter enough for some of the conversations on this site.


What the hell can any guy add? I have three daughters... I hope they all feel the same way. They do, if I was able to teach them ANYthing! Not easy, being a single Dad and raising three teen daughters. Their mother was less than helpful, so when it was time to teach them the facts... I got the job. I hope I didn't make a mess of it, and so far, so good. Someone must have made sense to you as well. Tell that person(s) ATTA way!

Junkman Level 5 Aug 18, 2018

I raised two daughters on my own. Man that was a tough one for me too. They've grown up to be wonderful responsible caring women so I guess I did okay but man, I feel ya. I had no confidence in the way I handled things back then and had no idea how to explain things to them. I figured it out but I remember my fear of my shortcomings better than how I actually did it or what I told them.

@Lewdsurfer I was lucky in a way... I had already been a full time dad for years prior to the divorce. Since the prognosis was so poor, they docs said go home and make memories with your kids, and at the same time, Gateway computers learned I was about to get expensive insurance wise... And I was fired. So I did just what the docs said. I went home, and started making memories with my kids. (Only two at the time) We never had to pay a daycare, or worry about snow days at school or any of those things. Then a miracle that was supposed to be impossible happened, and my third daughter came into the world, so from almost day one, I was her primary caregiver. None of the girls was very old when all this began. So they grew up with a full time dad at home. When the divorce happened, it was more or less natural that I became the primary parent. I used to feel sorry for myself and ask, why me? when I first got diagnosed. After awhile, I realized it was a gift disguised as a life threatening disease. 20 years layer, I continue to defy all expectations and do well. If I were of a religious bent, I might say I had a purpose greater than myself.

@Junkman, that is Awesome. My girls are grown now and I miss them so much but I cherish all the times we had. They both call me about once a week. Being a single father , even though I always had to work and we struggled, was still the best thing ever.

As long as you make the effort, that's all they need, show you care.

@Junkman KUDOS to you! BIG ONES!


I've prayed to Vagina god many times...Oh Wait Oops! that was begging. sorry

steve148 Level 7 July 28, 2018

I think all vaginas are majestic and life giving.

They work

They are life-emitting, and penis-receiving. And the latter should vastly outnumber the former.


YEP! but do I dare post this on FB?

Yes... go with your bad self smile001.gif

@calgirlblues please tell the truth everywhere stopping tampon terrorists theocratic war upon healthcare and women with forced pregnancy laws


"Keep your hubris out of my uterus" smile009.gif

Illiterate believers don't know Latin hatred of women but they do vote for mandatory pregnancy laws


For me, it's almost always a religious experience to be in or around one.

Ottimista Level 4 Jan 18, 2018

Very well said.

DeeTee Level 7 Jan 5, 2018

Reminds me of rap song My Vqg by Awkwafina.
Very irreverent and funny or not, was to me.

gigihein Level 8 Dec 2, 2018

Wow this is hilarious.

@MiguelG I know. I love the irreverence

@gigihein is refreshing.

Oh ya that was great !!


I totally agree with your statement about vaginas. Perhaps someday women will be treated as equals. You will not get that from Islamic states at least for a very long time. And they want to control the world by sheer terror because they have no justification for it. We live in the 21st century, not the 7th century. It has rained a lot. We have to defeat the Abrahamic religions to achieve that equality. I have a daughter and I will kill someone if I have to for her protection. My daughter, who turns 17 in May is as atheist as I am. I taught her since she could understand to not to believe anything without obtaining evidence to make her judgement. She has not changed since. I am very proud of her.


Couldn’t agree more. We all should have ownership of our bodies. We don’t owe them to God, country, state, or community. In fact those final 3 (since they exist) should uphold our bodily rights and freedoms.

Cinephile Level 3 Apr 17, 2018

In contrast, the Church will tell you we have a Vaginaless God...


Such a shame that women should even need to spell this out for all these bureaucratic pricks.

m4338 Level 3 May 17, 2018

I agree with every word of that and l really like'em. smile001.gif

Sticks48 Level 9 Apr 9, 2018

Some of the religious idiots are so radical they want to force you to have the child of a rapist in the name of religion!

Trajan61 Level 8 Apr 5, 2018

@DEricLee Especially among the radical muslims.

@DEricLee I wouldn’t put anything past the Baptist!


Awesome! I would like this printed on a tote bag or t shirt

JaciBea Level 7 Feb 25, 2018

What a great idea!


Seeing a vagina face to face is often a very spiritual experience.


This would be a cool band name.


But how can your vagina ever know truth and morality without the teachings of an all-powerful heavenly father?

I taught it.

@LucyLoohoo I once tried to teach my old girlfriend's vagina to get me a beer on command but it just cried and called me a pig.

@Sgt_Spanky Obviously a MENSA-MEMBER vagina!


Well, I hate to say this, but there are male doctors, lawyers and bureaucrats. I believe most of them have been in at least one of those.....but you’re right, no one has a right to govern your anatomy. Just think how men would feel if their anatomy was so governed.

Gatovicolo Level 7 July 21, 2018

Isn't it strange that males in government want to decide what is best for your vagina?

DenoPenno Level 8 July 5, 2018

They think they are doing what's best for the baby. it doesn't occur to them that making a woman have a baby she doesn't want might not be the best for the baby. But he's here that's what is important.

@MikeFlora What's best for the baby by who's authority and what reasoning? If there is a vagina does there have to be a baby? The GOP knew that when they got the religious right into politics it would pay off for them. The top 1 percent does not want to pay for women's healthcare just like they do not want to pay for your healthcare and my healthcare.


Yes we do not always get this when people discuss subjects like right to life and when a fetus becomes human etc however my view has always been that a women has command of her body end of story. This basic right rarely enters into these debates. Consider that all religions are invented by men.

rathswohl Level 5 July 3, 2018

Yes, I know what point you are making and you make it well.

And I don't disagree.

But, for a wider audience, do you think that this is the right way to go?

Do we not have to consider the "image" the atheist world puts out there?

Seriously, I don't disagree with you - just, maybe, the (to my mind) the slightly aggressive way you make your point.

Maybe I have had too much Media training - tends to make you overcautious.

El-loco Level 7 May 20, 2018

I hear what you're saying. When arguing or exchanging ideas, you have to decide if your goal is to persuade people to agree with you or if you just want to vent and express frustration.

@RickyBobby Timing and's what decides your success


I'm with others. That this even has to be said, sucks. Funny how those that tell folk to stay out of other people's pants are the ones constantly in other people's pants.

Adasher1 Level 4 May 17, 2018

It’s a long time since I’ve been in anyone’s pants!?



LouRaven Level 5 May 4, 2018
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