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I'm amazed that the word 'vagina" can spark so much interest in this thread.

I know, right?

@SpikeTalon Yes a vagina is very newsworthy.


So it's just like a cavern with nobody home? like my ex's head?


If I ask politely, can we dance?

zrez Level 4 Feb 26, 2018

Love it !!!


Godless vagina is neat. I have a godless dick.


This WONderful!!


You should send that to all the Republican and i am sure they will disagree.


i love that phrase


Love this, Thank you!


Love thIs!

@mmcki1 it would help if fake news would tell the truth about tampon terrorists and 2 living popes belonging in prison for felony destruction of rapist priest evidence


Alright. You've got my attention.

Kmohr Level 3 Feb 3, 2018

Amen sister..




I have always thought there was a simple answer here. Until a fetus can live outside the mother it is a part of her body to do with as she pleases. Now if it can live on it's own, doesn't have any serious birth defects, and is not causing the mother any serious harm, then it should be brought into the world. Seems fairly straight forward to me, am I missing something here?


Hahahahaha love it so much


I respect you and your vagina


"Nothin' could be finah than a sweet, godless vagina in tha' morrrrrrrrrrnin!"


Ha, this reminds me of a Feminist Fright night on campus. It was a really just a scary movie and a discussion. I thought of what would it look like as a haunted house for 3rd-4th wave feminist. I mentally pictured some one dressed as DRump jumping out, the new supreme court justice jumping out with other mad white men in power with the Bible in their hands telling the women what to do and not to do with their vaginas.


This an abortion thing? Wish the question of when does consciousness begin was an easy one.

Where does consciousness begin? Many think it comes out of the end of your dick. Don't whack off.

This is NOT a complex question. Do some research on development of the brain/nervous system. The reflex beating of what will become heart tissue doesn't mean anything about ''awareness." That's just an example. Learn about how many fetuses ''self-abort'' and learn about how many are absorbed by a woman's body.

@DenoPenno ahhhahahahahahahaha good one.

What does it matter when consciousness begins?
No one is allowed to use your body without your permission, even if they need it to stay alive, regardless of why they need it to stay alive.
Should a biological father be required to donate a kidney if his offspring needs it? Should you be required to surrender one of your lungs to save someone else? Should "donating" blood be compulsory? Body autonomy. You own you. No one can take any portion of it or use it without your consent.

@DenoPenno nice trolling

@LucyLoohoo Yeah I have done a lot of research. The real question is does the brain create the consciousness or the first cell. you can't know what creates consciousness, we know the brain communicates with it. there are people born without hemispheres of there brain left or right. So we don't know if it is the brain that creates consciousness.

@Idlemind So then we should allow people to neglect their children and not feed them. I mean if it's their body it's their choice. We should never be held responsible to other peoples lives we effect.

@oliver-o-neill Surely you can do better than THAT! We are talking about the difference between a POTENTIAL human being and one which is sentient, capable of life on its own (that means OUTSIDE a uterus) and if you can't shouldn't try to tell anyone what to do with her body.

@oliver-o-neill *affect
An interesting proposition. I certainly don't have all the answers. I don't think anyone does.

@Idlemind excellent post!

Consciousness always is. It exists independently and we are simply projected manifestations of it.

@oliver-o-neill nicely put. Succinct yet eloquent. Bravo!
Or would Brava be more appropriate?


Sounds like a wonderful vagina to me


I feel you.. I mean I understand 100% ...


I saw a pic on Facebook. It was a pic of a lady holding a sign "vagina for rent". Question: If it is for rent, is that against the law? Because she ain't selling anything. Is it prostitution to rent something? I think this is a good question.
Prostitution is selling oneself for less than we are worth. We are all prostitutes in my mind. We all sell ourselves for less than we are worth. We sell ourselves for the love of something, or the need for something. Some of us work 30 years in a factory to earn a living for our families. I guess that isn't prostitution. But we sell ourselves to own a boat, or to afford to go hunting, or to watch football, or to watch TV, or to drive an expensive car. Some people sell themselves to go fight in the Middle east. One question for me is "Why would someone join the armed services to go fight in Afganistan? The reason has to be for the excitement, and the rush one gets when faced with death. But look at those that return with PTSS, or legs blown off. What have they done for their life? Does each soldier believe that he will not be killed or wounded? I don't get it. I guess many believe that they are doing something for their country. It is appreciated? I don't know sometimes.

Grecio Level 7 July 28, 2018

I'm guessing you are NOT a veteran...

It's against the law to sell body parts, no matter where it is.


Word! Well, actually...many good words!


Well said.


The vagina is the TUBE leading from the vulva to the uterus.

The esophagus is a tube leading from the mouth to the stomach.

You don’t call your mouth an ESOPHAGUS do you??

Ungod Level 6 July 21, 2018


That's funny, I thought that was called the birth canal. The vagina is the opening, isn't it?

Vagina vs. vulva is one of those medical vs. popular terminology areas that it's really easy get pedantic about, but in this case, the OP on it's face is pretty clearly talking about the tube. Mansplaining is never a good look, but if you are going do it, you want make sure you've at least picked the right target.

@CrissHowe69 "Birth canal" is a popular lay term for "vagina." The opening is the introitus. A woman's external sexual anatomy is her vulva. #vaginafacts.


I call everything I can see down around there, PUSSY!

But “pussy”, though nice, is too nasty...

And VULVA, though correct, is too sexy!

“V” would be correct for both words but I bet that’s too suggestive!

IMHO, Vagina is our way of using a more acceptable word with as many syllables as possible, regardless of if it is the CORRECT word or not...


Vagina indeed refers to that tube. Vaginal Orifice is that opening.

My point is, PUSSY is everything on the other side of that!


In the UK, slang for female parts is "fanny". Sometimes I walk around telling people I'm a fanny owner. Or I use the C word. There's so much choice.

@Aphoria ya twat

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