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You can now adjust what types of posts show up on the main page by clicking the "gear" icon and checking categories. It's useful for people who think the site talks too much (or too little) about politics, religion, etc. Eventually, we'll try to include "favorite tags" to improve the sensitivity of the algorithm.

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Good thing to know.


great, my question is how do i make a poll? i have posted in every cat, but i don't see how to make a poll.

For NOW, you can only make a poll if you post a "question". We have plans to make polls available anywhere.

who it making it into a poll now, i have posted many question on here, i have yet to see where i make it a poll at my end. is that something an admin does?

@MichaelSpinler If you go to "Post", then select "Ask a question", you will see "Create Poll" in bold just under the "Users to invite to answer.

@victorianotes thanks, now i feel stupid, i just saw that at the bottom, i was pulling down the category menu and looking for it there. i am going to make a poll , is victoria awesome

@MichaelSpinler You shouldn't feel stupid. smile015.gifsmile002.gif


I also don't get this 'activity' window.


@Admin All I get is my account info. Nothing more.

Are you starting from the homepage? It's just under the "What's on your mind?" bubble.


@Admin I found it right in front of me. There are 2 gear icons one big and one small and I kept looking at the big one.


Hi Admin. I don't get that window (Activity) in my settings.

Skyfacer Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

Click the gear directly above "Recent Member Activity"... not the top of the page.

Got it. DangerDave made it all clear. Thanks DD.


Nice additional feature - Thank you!

LizBeth Level 6 Jan 8, 2018

Brilliant! many thanks

McIntyre Level 6 Jan 8, 2018

I do not really understand what "show more" does: which of the posts are we not seeing already? How is the selection made of what we see and do not see by default and if we check all the "see more" boxes? If we check all of them will we see all the posts that exist?

Good question. Not all posts go to the main page. If there are some have been asked a few times recently, they go only in the category list (and on profile page). We also try to have the main page have different types of posts. Also, if someone posts 3-4 posts in a row that are about the same topic, 2-3 of them go on the category page only. If you see "new" on a category, that means that the most recently post there hasn't yet been seen by you. Complicated, eh? smile001.gif

@Admin yes smile001.gif
Is there an easy way to show them all?


Quick and efficient. Thanks.


This is super cool, are doing a good job.


Love this! Thank you.

Annaleda Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

When you tag a post with "hobbies" it only displays "#" and not "#hobbies"

#hobbies should work now smile001.gif

@Admin yup, added hobbies again and it shows correctly #Hobbies. But the empty "#" from previous can't be removed via dropdown arrow lol. No worries. Thanks for fast response on tag issue!


Thanks for all you do.


Just wanted to note that categories aren't showing up yet in my profile after clicking "gear". I just see the usual on the menu ---- Basic, Profile Questions, Photos, and Settings. I checked Settings to see if it was in there, but it wasn't.

me too

Me too.

Oh, click the gear right above the list of topics (not the one in the top of the page). Or is it something else?

@Hellbent I just found it. Ha

Go to the main page and to the right of Recent Member Activity, you'll see the gear next to the Search button.



btroje Level 9 Jan 7, 2018

Another very cool feature. Thank you! smile001.gif


How cool! I appreciate your efforts and I'm enjoying being here!

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