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Rush: Anthems to Antitheism

Rush is my personal pinnacle of that era's progressive rock movement. Their songs speak of simple, rational truths at times through vast, universal fantasy playgrounds.

What I consider my favorite antitheist anthem...


There are those who think
That life has nothing left to chance
A host of holy horrors
To direct our aimless dance

A planet of playthings
We dance on the strings of powers we cannot perceive
The stars aren't aligned or the gods are malign
Blame is better to give than receive

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill

I will choose a path that's clear, I will choose freewill

Word. And now a "just for fun" multipick opinion of Rush is...

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DangerDave 8 Jan 11

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Here is my very first and completely unexpected exposure to Rush. I was already a teenaged performing musician myself with aspirations of stardom so the message of Finding My Way and the overall performance skills made me an immediate fan. You can see Neil on the drums though all the songs performed were off the first album. Little did I know how he, and they, would speak to me in the years yet to come.



The name says it all for a rational, if somewhat cynical, world view.

they marveled after those who sought new wonders of the world they wrought.


They announced they are breaking up after 41 years. I haz sad.


Let's not forget the lyrics to "Roll the Bones". It's my opinion that drummer and lyricist Neil Peart is an agnostic.

Well, you can stake that claim
Good work is the key to good fortune
Winners take that praise
Losers seldom take that blame
If they don't take that game
And sometimes the winner takes nothing
We draw our own designs
But fortune has to make that frame

We go out in the world and take our chances
Fate is just the weight of circumstances
That's the way that lady luck dances
Roll the bones

Why are we here?
Because we're here
Roll the bones
Why does it happen?
Because it happens
Roll the bones

Faith is cold as ice
Why are little ones born only to suffer
For the want of immunity
Or a bowl of rice?
Well, who would hold a price
On the heads of the innocent children
If there's some immortal power
To control the dice?

We come into the world and take our chances
Fate is just the weight of circumstances
That's the way that lady luck dances
Roll the bones

Get busy with the facts
No zodiacs or almanacs
No maniacs in polyester slacks
Just the facts
Gonna kick some gluteus max
It's a dig?
You move around
The small gets big
It's a rig
It's action...reaction
Random interaction
So who's afraid
Of a little abstraction?
Can't get no satisfaction
From the facts?
You better run, homeboy
A fact's a fact
From Nome to Rome, boy

What's the deal?
Spin the wheel
If the dice are hot...take a shot
Play your cards. Show us what you got
What you're holding
If the cards are cold
Don't go folding
Lady Luck is golden
She favors the bold
That's cold
Stop throwing stones
The night has a thousand saxophones
So get out there and rock
And roll the bones
Get busy!

Roll the bones

Why are we here?
Because we're here
Roll the bones
Why does it happen?
Because it happens
Roll the bones

balou Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

You beat me to this one...when I think of an appropriate comment-ary I'll be sure to post it!

I believe you're right...he thinks in too many variable to be atheist. He never said outright but he expounded briefly on his beliefs in an interview I believe is on youtube. If I ever find it again I'll post that too!

So thanks and congratulations! You were the first to add to the thread and I hope we get a few...hundred of these going!


I LOVE prog. I enjoy Rush, however I much prefer King Crimson, or 70s era Yes and Genesis. In fact I am listening to Selling England by the Pound right now. Xanadu is my favorite Rush song, and I would say that Hemipheres is my favorite Rush album.


2112 is an amazing album especially if you're stoned.


Hit the wrong answer-have loved Rush's riffs, dynamite drummer- hard to believe only 3 of them. BTW Gedy was born Jewish.

Geddy has said that is not religious.


In the prog rock genre, Steven Wilson cranks out some pretty anti-theist stuff as well. Deform To Form A Star probably being the most outright anti-theist.

Heard and loved!

Why not start a Steven Wilson thread?

I've collected several of my own and of other artists here...

HOME:::ThE cReAtIvE tHiNkErS gAlLeRiE

I'm aiming at good "cover songs" I discuss a bit then a bit more for each song. Of course, you go about it however you'd like!


Have you ever been DRIVEN?!? I have in many ways, some close to the guys on the bikes.



Leave it to me to start with their fantasy! But to consider if anyone actually found a fount of youth? They did...

Loving this thread. I'm a huge Rush fan!

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