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So I recently left a toxic relationship that lasted two years. I am a mom of two and I admit I let of of the guy I was with a month or two before he told me what he had been doing behind my back. And I want hurt. Or even mad because I already knew. But it want until I saw my little sister so happy with her new man and he is amazing to her and her kids and. In not jelus but a little taken back by how lonely I really am. I always been a loner but even now with it me and my kids all day and night. Idk I just feel this longing in my chest.

anonymous 7 Jan 15

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I have an 11 year old daughter and we all have that longing to connect. You’re not alone. You’ve found a good place to find intelligent people. I’m in Texas, but I’m sure there are plenty of like minded people in Colorado.


I know the longing. It is time for you to do some self care, do things for yourself that make you happy. And forgive yourself for being vulnerable. A day at a time. Make yourself happy, never let your happiness reside in someone else. You are stronger than you think you are, trust me on that. You will get through.


I know that feeling in the chest. There is a saying, "Getting out of an abusive relationship doesn't guarantee happiness, but it gives one a chance at happiness.".


Yeah it can really suck, just remember, you are not the one at fault. Life will get better. And it is often better than before.

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