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To help or not to help...

So... read the bio of someone new and saw a typo... sent them a message denoting the typo...
What would you do?

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anonymous 7 Jan 17

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I don’t care about typos as long as the post makes sense


Why did you feel so compelled to correct the person? Examine your intention and see if it is really appropriate. I do not like to be so forward, and although I probably would not have minded the correction, I can understand why others might find it condescending. One has to think about how such things might be viewed by the recipient.

The follow-up, "I was just attempting to help you," sounds doubly condescending; it assumes without any solid basis that the recipient is open to such help. If you didn't already know that to be the case, then that's a mistake on your part.

You may have scored more fairly with a different approach, such as:

"Hello! Pardon me for messaging you like this, but I noticed a typo in your bio that I'm sure wasn't intended. [explain error]. I thought you might like to know about it. Take care!"

It still seems too forward and presumptuous, though.

I concur.


I think inferred tone might make the difference here. The person you messaged may have felt criticized or attacked, as opposed to feeling like you were trying to help. At least, it sounds to me that they felt offended. If I were messaging them, I think I'd have led off with a salutation of some sort, a welcome to the site if they'd recently joined, or other icebreaker, and then offhandedly mentioned that I noticed a typo in their bio with something like, "It's no big deal, but I thought you'd want to know."


I would only comment if they asked me to proof read


I typically ignore them... I make too many myself to say anything 😛


It's only my business if it's my kid, student, employee, or coworker. Or if I cannot interpret something needed for a necessary communication.


I'm dyslexic so as long as you understand it should be fine unless I ask.


If it was in their profile bio I don't see whats wrong. If someone is blocked or when I've been blocked its nice to get a text saying "You're blocked-I unblocked you." and I do the same. If they are that hypersensitive thats their problem not yours. We're a community for crying out loud.


Typos make reading difficult, but I usually ignore them. I know it happens to me and it is annoying when someone points them out. My response is usually to ignore them or answer with a real sarcastic thank you note. If you catch me apologizing while being overly humble, you have offended me and I am having fun with it.


The only time I would point out a typo is when I'm mocking someone in a heated debate or an argument, or if it was a child that I wanted to teach, or if I was a teacher in a classroom.....with some other exceptions. If you do it randomly and outside of that parameter to an adult, it seems like you are insulting someone. It puts them on the defensive. Imagine if you just get contacted by someone or became friends with someone or were in a relationship with someone and they constantly corrected everything you did. I'm not saying it's the purpose of someone who corrects another person about grammar to insult them, but that's how a lot of people take it. It can be grating.

No one likes a grammar Nazi.


i generally dont, but its ok for a main post. being i want them to get their point across and not look like an idiot. but i don't go through responses looking for them, or like when someone uses that to discredit someones point. what i call grammar nazi. thats when the demon comes out in me and i spel everythin rong just to mes wit them.


There are times I'm sorely tempted ! But if I start it will ruin the fun of being on this site .


Am not the grammar police. But if it happened to be a mistake in math, probably couldn't help myself.


Mostly I ignore typos, I retired from printing long ago. If only I was a better typist. Most of my errors are brain farts, mind going faster than I can type. I am glad the enter key does not automatically post my naked stream of consciousness. good thing I a camera operator and not a proofreader. LOL

I tend to leave out...


@HeyHiHullo lol whole words are not there like "i WAS a camera operator. . . ." lol

@silverotter11 I know mean

*what. 😉

@HeyHiHullo lol

@silverotter11 opps see... forgot *you also....


The last 2 grammar police posts seem a little bit superfluous to me.


You spelled "hello" wrong on your username. May I point that out? No one likes a grammar Nazi. It is a little too presumptuous to go correcting everyone you encounter. Everyone learns differently.

Spelled the way I pronounce hello (as hullo)...
or maybe I omitted hell intentionally... being Atheist and all... 😉

Nice irony in your post too...


It sort of depends on whether it changes the meaning. If not ignore.


Point it out with a question. Is this the way you intend this to be? Keeps a confidence instead of pointing out an error.


It is only important if the error can alter the intent of the post ,bio ,etc


I make to many myself to criticize any one else


I'm not a grammar nazi

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