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Should not be happening in this country. That is a real shame.


This is the difference between Medicare for all and a Canadian type universal healthcare. Medicare for all still requires people to have insurance or the ability to pay the 20% that Medicare does not pay. Universal healthcare pays 100%.


Ain't Murica great?


This is now how we in the United States thank our elderly for their many years of service to the work force. When they become old and frail, we leave them out in the cold and tell them to go fuck themselves.

When things like this become acceptable in a society, it is a clear and present sign that the society in question has abandoned its moral compass and is in decline.

Miller would have them left to die without medical assistance.


A trustworthy medical insurance plan , is essential in retirement .


So sad....she probably doesn't have much time left, and instead of spending it together, he has to literally kill himself working and be away from her. But hey, our military is strong, and we have $2 a gallon gas!!! GO AMERICA!!!!

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