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How do you make life meaningful without the help of religion?

Admin 9 June 19

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How goddamned presumptious to think my life in any LESS meaningful because I don't bow down to ALLAH!!! Or God. Or whomever! I am without a doubt better than about 85% of the people I have met in my 66 years. I have more 'spirituality', goodness, generosity, kindness and unselfishness than most church-going hypocrites. Life is what you make of it, NOT meaningful because someone sprinkled holy water on your head and spoke some mumbo-jumbo over you.

yes, there's always a better way to live

"I think I could turn and live with animals,
They are so placid and self-contained,
They do not lay awake at night and weep for their sins,
They do not discuss their duty to their god,
Not one of them kneels to another,
or to one of their own kind."
(Wicker Man)


When I give blood (I gave over 100 units so far!), I always wear my Atheist blood donor tee shirt. And when someone asks why as an Atheist I give blood, my response is always the same.."There are allegedly two ways for someone to get blood- to pray for it or to get it from a volunteer blood donor. I elect to be part of the latter."


Great answer! It's silly how some people equate religion with being a good person who understands things.

That's fantastic that you've given so much!! It does so much good. πŸ™‚

Engleguy, et al:
I do it without any thanks from god(s).


Why do I need a god to make life meaningful?

I'm quite capable of generating my own meaning in life, thank you. God is unneccessary.


By living it.


To live right and meaningful goes beyond the religious fence.
Sting: "we share the same biology regardless of ideology"
Scorpions: "we live under the same sun, why can't we live as one?"
John Lennon: "i hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one"

I look forward to your answers, because you often reference songs, all of which are relatable, and applicable to the question. It also makes me check to see which songs I have. Fortunately, I have every artist you've noted, except the

GoodMan, it took me almost 30 years before I learned to like the Scorpions band., when I learned to accept things as they are. There are only 2 songs from them that I can remember, the other one is Moments Of Glory which they sang with a children's choir


Look at what is around you, nature, family friends...if those things are not enough to make your life meaningful, what makes you think religion is going to do it? If you cannot believe in the things around you that you can see, touch, feel and experience why would you find belief in something that gives you none of these things?


My life is more meaningful because I chose to help others not for a promise of eternal life... But because it's the right thing to do for people. Kindness is free and so needed in today's cruel world. I find the more religious folks think that donating $ to do good works is enough, yet are hateful racists the rest of the time. It's sickening.


Sitting at sunrise near a pond, hearing the insects and birds, looking at the sky reflecting in the water,feeling the sun and wind touching my skin. Having gratitude, compassion and respect for others. It works for me.


I just try to take it day by day and find positive things, even in situations where I wouldn’t normally think positively. I have chronic pain and my life is full of anguish and suffering, but I really try to find a way to enjoy the time I have left. In the really dark times I had, my cats were the ones to save me from committing suicide. I didn’t want to leave them in the care of my horrible mother. That’s what kept me going. And cats are such intuitive creatures and they know when you’re in pain. They helped me so much, and they still do. I’m so grateful for them. Now there are things that I want to live for and do in my life. I don’t want to die just yet. I’d love to get married someday and experience things. So that has some meaning to me. I don’t need religion to provide that for me.


Life is MORE meaningful because I don't believe god created it. I know that random events took place, and nature and its mutations created everything we see and feel. I think life is more magical because it all happened on its own. Pretty cool stuff.


My life is MORE meaningful now that I don't have religion. When you are religious you're only goal is to make it to heaven. Now I live the life that makes me happy. I find meaning in life itself.


I wasn't aware that I had to 'make life meaningful'. It already is. No help needed.


Enjoy every moment and experiences as a child would, be helpful and compassionate, try to create a better world for the next generation, I think that would be good enough, wouldn't you?


Religion has nothing to do with whether or not your life is meaningful or good. You alone are responsible with how your life turns out.


Your life was meaningful when you were born, you didn't need religion for that. I'd also echo 99.9% of the previous comments.


Learn, the more you know the more meaning you will have.


Well think about what you have if you have a roof above your head or if you have clean water and food or even just think about your family and friends


Will. Achievements. Love. Sex. You have to make your meaning

Mabes Level 2 Nov 20, 2017

My life feels more worthwhile when I pursue my own interests and also be of service to others.


Actually, life is most meaningful if religion isn't interfering.


I don't think a false premise for my life would be meaningful. I found a religious belief system, that I cannot reconcile, interferes with my ability to have peace of mind and focus on rewarding participation in life, things I can have a conviction for. The practice of charity and empathy are rewarding, not attributes attained through religious direction necessarily. My life is full without religious belief.


How do you make life meaningful without the help of a motorcycle?

I suspect it would be really, really difficult. Maybe a Can-am Spyder or similar if I ever couldn't ride. Ariel Atom perhaps.#

Jeez, this site poses some difficult questions.


Not having religion makes your life meaningful. Firstly, you know that everything you are doing is actually based in reality and has nothing to do with make-believe mystical invisible people in the sky. Secondly, you know there is no afterlife so every single moment in this life becomes sooooo much more meaningful as a result. It is amazing that each of us is here on this rock experiencing everything that we are experiencing on a daily basis; if that isn't meaningful enough, then I don't know what is....


Humanism has many of the answers. However, I don't need a crutch to see the positive things in life.


What is meaningful? If it means I have to have religion then my life is not meaningful. However, if my life is that of helping others and seeing the good in the life we all lead I guess I have a meaningful life.

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