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Do you believe in ghosts or similar paranormal entities?

Every year there are reports of strange occurrences or encounters that science can not seem to explain. Many view these happenings as signs of the paranormal.
"The term paranormal describes any event that is unexplainable and unexpected based on our current scientific knowledge . current ability to explain or measure".

The debate about Ghosts and Paranormal activity has been long debated through out the world. Evidence has been found by Ghost Hunters, and Investigators proving that Ghost and the Paranormal does in fact exist. With the use of technology and years of first hand experience Investigators have been able to document and share that the world is not alone. We in fact are living among Ghosts and the Paranormal.!


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Whatever. Ghosts and similar paranormal phenomena are natural occurrences...of what, I am uncertain. Hoaxes abound and too many can be misinterpretations of lens flares, geothermal anomalies and other entirely ordinary events.

I respond "whatever" because I am no parapsychologist. I have no means to judge their data and would have to question their biases and preconceptions. Even their best evidence is inconclusive and generally defies any qualitative or quantitative measurements.

Still, I have had some interesting experiences but many were drug induced and they were always fueled by a creative overactive imagination.


"The term paranormal describes any event that is unexplainable and unexpected based on our current scientific knowledge, current ability to explain or measure".

That's just a long way of saying "I don't know".
I've seen several videos of so-called "ghosts" like in the link above, which show no definitive proof of paranormal activity.

When I hear someone like those Ghosthunter guys that were on TV for a while making claims, my skeptical antenna go up.
I guess what I wonder most is why someone who claims they have solid evidence for the paranormal/supernatural isn't standing in line to get their Nobel Prize.

Yes, he destroyed Geller, Peter Popoff, and many others.

Wasn't Popoff the evangelist he caught using an earpiece that his wife radioed info about the audience members too?


To my knowledge, no scientific evidence has supported ghosts. From a purely gut level, I find the idea of ghosts rather silly. I can't image an existence without a brain, heart, and why are ghosts always wearing clothes. Is there a ghost GAP or TJGhost store where they get their clothes?


I am a scientist at heart and I want the world to fall into my rational expectations. But I have a few people that I would trust with my life, tell me that there is a paranormal. So what do I do?

These are people that I trust my very life with and everything they say. And they say something that cannot jive with my uber-nerd, scientific mind. This is a conundrum.

I approach everything in my life with rationality but some of their stories with the trust I have in them honestly make me wonder...

I don't know

If you are a true scientist at heart you will be open to the idea, that science does not yet know everything, or might have some wrong assumptions. Some people do scientific research into "paranormal" or such phenomena, and it is pretty much established fact, that telepathy, to name one thing, does exist. If you are indeed open minded, look into the work of Rupert Sheldrake, without being dissuaded from the start by ney sayers trying to rubbish him.(calling him "woo master" and "pseudoscientist" ) He is indeed a more thorough scientists than most. I have read some of his stuff, he is so scientific ( methodical, logical, honest, thorough) his books are almost boring.

I can't edit a reply. The winky face was just meant to be the bracket! never mind.


I watched the video. I was reminded of this study:

"Several researchers have reported that poltergeist episodes frequently began on the day (± 1 day) of a sudden and intense increase in global geomagnetic activity. To test this visual observation, a near-complete account of these episodes for which the inception dates were recorded and verified was examined. Statistical samples clearly indicated that global geomagnetic activity (aa index) on the day or day after the onset of these episodes was significantly higher than the geomagnetic activity on the days before or afterwards.The same temporal pattern was noted for historical cases and for those that have occurred more recently. The pattern was similar for episodes that occurred in North America and Europe. The results were statistically significant and suggest that these unusual episodes may be some form of natural phenomena that are associated with geophysical factors."

(Gearhart, Livingston, and Persinger, M.A.; "Geophysical Variables and Behavior: XXXIII. Onsets of Historical and Contemporary Poltergeist Episodes Occurred with Sudden Increases in Geomagnetic Activity," Perceptual and Motor Skills, 62:463, 1986.)


I've researched several scientific papers with more sound explanations of paranormal activity. Most humans tend to be prone to superstition.

Thanks, Seasand.


I believe there are things around us that science cannot explain yet. It seems as if people nowadays believe that science has the answer to everything, however upon closer inspection you realize that there’s still so much that science has yet to explain. Do I believe that there are ghosts out there haunting people? Absolutely not.


I don't believe in ghosts at all. Although when I'm alone at night, I'm a little more open minded.



Supernatural means fictitious.


The debate about Ghosts and Paranormal activity is not academic, but entertainment. Ghostbusters is a movie, not a documentary. There have been zero credible accounts of recorded paranormal activity, and what accounts can be found have either been debunked, or are incredibly sketchy at best. Sure, it's fun to hang around spooky places and imagine spirits, but to tell people their deceased loved ones are still around is dangerous and a downright despicable practice. This is a very lucrative subject, just like tarot reading and psychics, but falls under the same heading of "woo." I would urge anyone interested in the subject to not be taken in too deeply and take it with a grain of salt...


I allow that ghosts could exist, but that we don’t have the ability to prove or disprove at this time. The ghost hunter Type TV shows are fake, but I always wonder about the technology - is it real or fake.

CS60 Level 7 Oct 20, 2017

I think ghosts are more likely to exist than god, but I don't believe in either.

I only give ghosts a higher probability because when I worked on movie setrs a lot of the crew members had stories about the Ambassador Hotel (Where Robert Kennedy was shot), and the closed Bay Harbor Hospital where they shot the show "Strong Medicine". Some crew members said they'd quit before going back into the basement area, and there were genuinely really serious and scared. They definitely thought they experienced something. By contrast, the TV show "Scrubs" was shot at the closed Robert F. Kennedy Hospital, and they had no stories there.

I myself worked at each location and never had any experiences myself. There were also stories about sound stages that were no longer used, because of hauntings, but I think that those stories for the tourists on studio tours


If you really want o learn about these subjects, search Youtube for James Randy and watch him destroy any claims of the paranormal. It is just more magical thinking.

Yes. 'The Amazing Randi' as he used to be known, was offering a $1,000,000 prize to anyone who could prove anything paranormal.
I did think the offer is on the table anymore mainly because no one could do it over the years. It really is fun to watch him.

don't think

He was bikersurfer, I think it was on live TV too.


"The term paranormal describes any event that is unexplainable and unexpected based on our current scientific knowledge . current ability to explain or measure". By definition, I certainly believe that there are things current scientific knowlege cannot explained yet. However, for the same reason, I do not believe in supernatural- supernatural being defined as beyond natural.


As believable as religion


Just because I don't believe in God doesn't mean that there aren't things that science hasn't yet been able to explain. The supernatural exists in many ways. Take magic for instance. If I believe in magic, why not ghosts, right?

You a Wiccan?



If I were to believe in ghosts, I might just as well believe in the Tooth Fairy, leprechauns, gnomes, ghouls, and gods. Nonsense.


No, I don't but, there is an explanation of the phenomena in how our vision actually works as it is our brains that see not our eyes, seems they are just there to supply feedback and that there is little or no difference between seeing and hallucinations.

As an example: a women who has recently lost her husband is sitting having her coffee at the kitchen table. When her husband was alive he always came down the stairs while she sat there. She hears the house creak and looks at the stairs and for a moment sees her husband coming down the stairs. She sees him because her brain fills in the information of her vision based on past visual input. Her husband vanishes when her eyes provide the feed back that he is not there. She may claim to have seen his ghost if she believes in ghosts.

Ever wonder why in old building that have become museums where photos of the original occupants in those setting have ghosts? People look at the photos then look up at the stairs or balcony where the photo was taken and see someone standing there because that photo has created a view of the world in the brain and people will see the photo image until the eyes provide feedback that the image has changed.

Interesting take on it


Scientific research is still going on to disprove and debunk the numerous reports or even theories on this pseudoscience. Using methodical science against pseudoscience cloaked in scientific lingo.

Well, they use to say "where there's smoke there's fire." Kinda fiery entertainment, so, who you gonna call?"


Several times I have felt someone coming in my room a sitting on my bed.

I don't beleive in he "supernatural." However, I've had the same experience in that someone or thing (could have been an animal) came in and sat on my bed. But I'm in this twilight kind of sleep, so it could be my brain misfiring?


No, it just the same that be religious or believe in zodiac signs:

the Scientific Thinking suppose to lead you in all aspects of your life (as James Randy teach);
that means I don't believe in ghost until 99,9% (adding the rest 0,1% makes you "religious" on your being agnostic (like explained in "God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins))


No! When I see, hear, experience a ghost I will re-evaluate it. Until then I don't believe in superstitions, paranormal, supernatural, etc.


Nope. Just some more superstitious nonsense.


yet to see or experience any thing stronger than a stephen king book


I personally do not believe in the supernatural. However, I have a friend who has gone into the abandoned psych ward in my city, and every time he speaks about what he experienced in there, I can't help but stay open-minded about the topic considering the dude shivers with fear whenever he tells it....I cannot deny what he experienced, but I don't know if I want to experience it for myself.


I have seen ghosts but i still don't believe in God.


old fiction is no more rational than new fiction, may as well ask me if i believe in the force.

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