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QUESTION Louisiana student says prayer was forced at school, so she sued - CNN

Kaylee Cole is my hero!

For a 17 year old to stand up to the buybullical powers that be, at first alone and then to be ostracized by the community as well as her school...she deserves a medal!

Great article not only about the bravery of one girl but the xianity insanity of the deep south, a home I chose to leave instead of "live with"/.

DangerDave 8 Jan 28

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I grew up not very far from there. Religion was a pervasive thing in schools. Prayers before events, etc. There was no thought given to the fact that there might be kids who didn’t agree with it. NW Louisiana is dominated by evangelicals. I left years ago, but this article does not suprise me one bit.

Ohub Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

"It's what's in our hearts from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed."

No, it's not faith that is in your hearts. It's fear.


I can’t even stand the idea of saying “under God” in the pledge of allegiance, let alone an actual prayer.


I lived in Louisiana when my oldest was born, I was never so glad to see a place in my rear view mirror. I would have home schooled before I put her in the local schools, but we were military and moved again.


I was in a private school till high school, then at the public school we had to pray every morning.
Then the prayers stopped. I had to deal with the nonsense of so called prayers, and at two different schools.


Is a small step but might be one of many that end up giving theists a run for the money...more and more kids are not religious being born on the advanced technology age using practical mind.


...just when doubting I could be more embarrassed or ashamed of ‘my nation’ … more of the same.. Apparently, the ‘south’ got it’s ass kicked for a good reason - maybe it wasn’t kicked hard enough..?

Varn Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

Don't confuse all southerners with the idiot fundie variety. There are plenty like Kaylee and myself...I'm just happy to see some staying for the fight after I "defected".

@DangerDave Thanks for that… I remember reading for hours the “I’m Sorry” posts on a website started by those of us in the US ‘apologizing to the world’ for having re-elected GW Bush. In Oregon at the time, I felt so sorry, and thankful for those describing themselves living in a pocket of some ‘red state’ ..having done all they could to keep it from happening. Trump had been inciting his minions to violence prior to his expected loss, I wonder how that would have gone down..? I posted the story here to my facebook feed - no one’s touched it.. Seems the kind of battle down there only federal marshals & national guard troops can win…


As a resident of the South, I can relate to this.

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