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QUESTION How many gods are there?


Reading the link would be helpful too...its short, I promise. While I don't mind "idiot fringe" banalities they could be very confusing for newcomers, especially the abrahamics who may be struggling with these concepts.

Of the biblical contradictions this is among the most telling of the fallibility, and therefore fallacy, of the "buybull" as a whole. Jehovoid, as such, shows signs of being a paranoid schizophrenic, in this context not being certain if he is "the one" or just "the best of many".

That's further're turn!

Link: Skeptics' Annotated Bible

DangerDave 8 Jan 29

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Wait-someone found one? And it has been PROVED to exist? πŸ˜‰

Did you read the intro and link?


(Atheist Speaking to a theist)I contend that we are both atheists .I just believe in one fewer god than you do.When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods,you will understand why I dismiss yours.” Stephen F. Roberts

Speaking to a theist, Mr Roberts has a point. To an agnostic who neither believes nor disbelieves but acknowledges the possibilities of many different versions of a supreme being or beings, it has no meaning.

Now, to find a theist who will accept that statement over their closest held beliefs usually indoctrinated from birth...


Aside from you & me? (and some days I am not all that sure about you.)


I heard a radio interview with Reza Aslan (sp) about a month ago. I recall him describing each different community or tribe of the time having their own individual god and that they could kill them in warfare back then


There are as many Gods as there are people.

Actually more...I have several I created myself, at least in a literary sense.

@DangerDave it depends whether yours and any others creating more than one god or "excess baggage", exceeds the number of people not having any god created or believed to be hitching a ride. πŸ€“

ayedBear No matter how much scripture, no matter how many books, no matter how many authorities - God stuff, be it a deity or reaction against God, it is always subjective based on that person's psyche and experiences.


There are no gods, but the ones that people believe in are about 320 million? According to the Hindus that is.

hmmmm...I'm wondering if they're counting the few dozen I've created...anyway...

This covers the "one or more" discrepancies from the buybull I posted for abrahamics (current and "recovering"...after all, they are 90% of the population AND our most problematic theists) at the last count I saw they have over 33, 000 versions of the SAME god!


Started to look this subject up some time ago. If you just start with the Greek gods it is in the hundreds, early Romans many as well, Many other sects different gods thousands exist. Unless the one the Romans invented, from later Roman time killed them all, then logically one would think that they still exist in the minds of the people that believe in them.


On the other hand, Genesis 1:26 New International Version (NIV)
26 Then God said, β€œLet US make mankind in OUR image, in OUR likeness...
Draw your own conclusions. My first comment still stands.

At least this response is on topic!

While you present another great example of the "one god" fallacy we do differ on the definition of "god"...but on the abrahamic one, or thousands, we are in agreement as to the reality of the god as a being in and of itself...

BUT, as a "sum total of the actions of believers as a result of the belief" these "gods" do too sadly "exist". Of course, in the likely event I'm murdered by a fanatic, that becomes a moot point.

@DangerDave I won't respond to anyone's Delusions.


We each are the gods of our own worlds.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

@Heathen2 Since gods are a creation of the brain and there are about 7.6 billions brains on this planet, you are absolutely correct.


I think it's an example of a literal translation of an incoherent amalgamation of superstitions and ignorance. The bible is full of contradictions, chief of which are it's claims to being infalliable.



Thank you for your second post and note the aforementioned "idiot fringe" of those liking this comment.

If we ever seek to educate we must make certain our own are educated.

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