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We’re happy to announce some new features to help build community – member groups and events.

The motivation for groups came after polling members (see "Give your thoughts on feature priorities for 2018!" ) and noticing that as the website grows, it’s harder for members to keep up with all the new posts and to find similar members.

Groups enable similarly-interested members to share topics more intimately than in the main forum. While the features are live for all members today, we are still actively working on improvements and bug fixes. We're happy to get your early feedback so we can prioritize what to work on.

Here's some questions/answers:

What can groups be about?

Groups are typically either topical or geographic. Groups can be listed as "online only", "offline" or both as well as setup to be local, regional, state-wide, country-wide or international (default).

We are currently pretty open to what can be a group but might come up with more guidelines depending on feedback. We do have limits on content (e.g., no nudity or overtly sexual content as it doesn't help the mission of this website and there are other websites that better suited).

Who can create groups?

Currently any level 5+ member can create a group by going to the main groups page and clicking "Create Group". You'll see a form that has some basic directions. In the next week or so, we will probably open it to newer members so long as they first join (participate in?) a few other groups. We want to avoid having thinly populated groups.

What are group moderators?

Moderators are just members that the group originator lists who have similar access to admin tools for the group as the originator.
While we have not yet implemented these features, group originators and moderators will be able to remove posts and members at their discretion.

How to join groups?

There is a big "Join" button on every group that you can join. Eventually, we may have some join rules for the group originator to set such as member level and location.

How do posts work in groups?

First, you'll need to be a member of a group before you can post. When you post, you have the option to have the post go only in the group or both in the group and in the general discussion pages. We hope that 90%+ of the posts will stay in the group so that the conversations stay intimate. Eventually, we might add some restrictions on who can make a group post also go to the main discussion page. Originators and moderators only perhaps?

Where do I see posts in groups where I’m a member?

For now, you’ll see the last 5 group posts on the main page. Perhaps we can create a toggle to let you have more control on what you see there. You can see the specific groups that you're a member on a tab on the groups page.

What are events? Why so few listed?

We decided to put live the event directory along with groups before we spend too much time adding events. We hope to have your help in posting events that you think will be interesting to other members. You can record whether or not you'll attend the groups as well as post specifically to other attendees.

How to connect events and groups?

If you have a geographical group that has events, you can connect them to your group by including your group's hashtag when you create or edit the event. The event will show up on your group page and the group will show on the event's page.

Any points for participation?

Yep. You get points when members join your groups or attend events you list. You still get the same points when you post in a group as if you post generally. Comments are treated the same as well.

What things are coming to groups and events?

We are currently working on a simple chat room which we plan to connect to groups and events. The idea is that you can schedule a chat "room" for a set time (e.g., 1 hour) so that the group members can talk together.


Admin 8 Feb 12

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Ok, just to give you an update on groups. You can now make a quick link to your groups by using '&' followed by the group hashtag (no worries, it's on the bottom of the group home page).

While you're browsing the rest of the site, if you find a post you want to share with the group, click on the "Share" button at the top of the post. It will then list your groups and you can select which to share the post. These shared posts will show up in their own tab on the group page... but the group members will not be notified of it.

Group owners can set who can post, who can share and also block group members from the group.

I think we're pretty close to full-feature set for groups so don't worry about changes for a while. 🙂

As always, let me know if you find bugs.

Admin Level 8 Feb 17, 2018

Admin, what a great job you all are doing here.. Its growing daily and the group thing is sweet. I do really like the idea of chat rooms. I do think one idea for chat rooms is age group or at least give that an option at some point.


@Admin is it possible to find Recent Member Activity of your followers or followed?

And do you have a preferred method of getting these comments unrelated to the post? heh

Darn you Dave... coming up with good ideas/etc haha... take a look in the top navigation bar (or "More" search options in the discussion boards)... and uh, the gold stars and member icons in the posts.


@Admin Are a user's group memberships visible to others? Obviously within a group, someone can see who the members are, but if someone looks at my profile are they able to see what groups I'm in?

Also, when a user posts or comments on a post within a group, is that post/comment visible to everyone on that user's profile, or is it only visible to other members of the same group?

Ah right, thanks for reminding me. You can hide the groups/events you're associated with on your profile page by a toggle setting (see "gear" icon).

I think the posts show on your profile page currently... if get time, I'll see if can make it honor the "group/event" hide toggle.


Thank you! I've been hoping groups would be implemented!


sounds interesting! Thanks


@Admin it may be worth mentioning that there is the "Passions" which allows people to state their interests to attract the like minded. I have suggested that when 12 such like minded people have been identified they take off and form their own group of "obsessives" leaving a note behind linking to their new group. From the new group they can link back to past posts not only to keep them in their new "box" but also to, I hope, give them additional points for being team players.
On reflection 12 may be too high a number after seeing what only a handful of people can generate over a couple of days. Perhaps others will comment and advise.

Yes, I've been thinking of having a limit to the number of members in a group and make it easy for an active member to spawn their own group and still share the members between the 2 groups. Just ideas. Will focus now on cleaning up the current code and seeing how it goes. Thanks!


given the world wide nature of your site wouldn't location be the first denominator

Groups can be listed as "online only", "offline" or both as well as setup to be local, regional, state-wide, country-wide or international (default). We've a few bugs to fix before rolling out distance searches.


very cool. thanks.


I like the idea of chat rooms . I see some people like myself here , who are shut-in from the weather , age , or live in a town that has no other people that they are able to find here . When live events come about , it will improve the social aspect of what this site provides .

A word of caution though , if I could . I notice that Facebook is so bogged-down with so many options to where it's dysfunctional to be on anymore , something this place has yet to experience . I am hoping it will stay that way . Thanks for posting & great job to all who work here !

Dougy Level 7 Feb 12, 2018

I like getting compliments for the site not having too many options as it means less work to do! 🙂 Will try to resist adding too many...


Is there a way to view older posts and photos in a group. On the main page it seems to only go back 50 posts and I don't see how to access stuff from earlier. My group only has 23 members right now but many of them are quite active posters and I'm afraid, as the group gets bigger a lot of the posts will be forced off the page before members can even read them.

All groups now have pagination for members, photos, and posts... and hopefully events someday 🙂

@Admin I'm missing this on the Android? Also on the personal page will the record of posts and comments be shown for both group and general? And will the record be unlimited back to day of joining?


So now we have Groupies? Cool man.

? I prefer to think of it as clubs or cooperatives of like minded people. Groupies I associate with inane screaming women throwing their knickers at Tom Jones or waiting for the Beatles or Stones to disembark their planes.

@FrayedBear I was thinking about the latter. 😉

@FortyTwo Yeah my mate tells me that there are a lot of manginas around these days. I don't go out to expose myself to the world enough these days.


Bravo. These are great features and additions to the site.

I like the idea of a toggle (or checkbox) to have more control of what groups we want to see on the main page, much like the option you have given us to be able to pick and choose which categories we prefer to see.

Thanks so much.


Where is events directory?

"directory" is too big of a word for it today... but you can get to the events page by the links of "Events" on the main page or in the top menu bar "Meet" tab.


How do you create a group? (Sorry if it's covered but I've read twice without finding that).

Go to the main page -- top right. Click groups. Once you're in you will see a button at the top where you can create a group.

Go to the main groups page and clicking "Create Group". You'll see a form that has some basic directions. Note: I just updated the post.... you're not blind.

@Akfishlady I was still level 6 and created one.


Where do we see groups and events?

You should see "Groups" and "Events" in the "Meet" tab in the top menu bar and on the main page. We list the groups and events also on the member profile page.

Go to the main page. Top right.

@Akfishlady (From above post)
Currently any level 5+ member can create a group by going to the main groups page and clicking "Create Group".

@VictoriaNotes Thank you! I never go there so I was never going to see it! You are correct.


I really like the idea of a chat room.

@Akfishlady Perhaps there will be growing understanding and respect for the problems of being part of the bigger world.

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