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Would you raise your children religious just to fit in?

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Absolutely not! My ex-wife is trying to raise my kids religious.. so I do the most destructive thing I can to her teachings.. I teach them logic, and freethinking. The result.. my son has learned to play the game, he lets her think he's religious to avoid her wrath, then laughs at her stupidity with me.. I wish it didn't result in him thinking less of her.. but he sees a lie when one's told to him.


I was still trying to be religious when my kids were last living at home, but when I let them know I no longer believed any of that crap, they told me that they never had in the first place. Good on them.

So often we find out that kids are smarter than we think. 🙂 🙂


I gave my son a religious education so he could be culturally literate--how many things cannot be understood without knowledge of the religious traditions underlying them. However I also encouraged him to be a freethinker, and he is now an agnostic.

I took the same path. At 7yo (now I'm bragging) the boy said "I don't like religion. It's silly".

Thank you. I think I will do this.

I also think this is important. I was still a believer when we started our family, and they went to Sunday school when we were in church. When we quit going, so did they, and I have seen times when they weren't aware of things that seemed like common knowledge to me. I don't think it's necessary to send a kid to church in order to have that knowledge, but you have to put some real effort into it if you don't.


Never raise children in religion to fit in. Raise children to be intelligent seekers of Truth.

lecoq Level 4 Dec 19, 2017

All four of my grown children are atheists.

Caron Level 2 Oct 26, 2017

That's pretty cool, I wish I could say the same. Congratulations

That's very cool. I too, have 4 that are all non religious. I simply introduced them to as many cultures as I could, encouraged the study of history and human nature. I'm proud of them.


Absolutely not. I tell them that some people have an imaginary friend and to respect that. They giggle knowing they know, kind of like Santa Claus.
They keep asking why people think there is a god and my answer is that some people need it and it makes them feel good. They have been to church when they visit family and they have no desire to become religious.


Fitting in is over rated. Greatness is achieved by standing out, not fitting in.

Actually, there was a rumor going around my son's school that he was a Satan worshiper, and he quite enjoyed it.


Fuuuuuuuck no. But I also would not force them to be atheist. I will force them to use logic and reason though..

How would you address the fact that every other week his mother is dragging him to a rather involved judgemental Christian church?

@RobInRealLife Show him a George Carlin video about god.


Never. I haven't any children, but if I did they would be raised to know about religion, but left to decide for themselves as adults which way to live. They would have my example.


Just to fit in no my ex-wife believes in God they will have to make that decision on her own like I came to that decision I don't force what I believe on to my children because that's just repeating the cycle of religion they have to make that decision on her own they know I don't believe in God and they're already asked me questions I tried to be as vague as possible because they're 7 and 10 they don't have time for that right now they're kids they need to be kids


When my daughter was eight I told her that Jesus was Santa Claus for grownups. She understood fine, and laughed.

Sometimes not only are kids more insightful then some of give them credit but intuitive and thoughtful of what we say or behave


Never. Conformity is overrated. Especially if you have to compromise your principles to do it.


NO WAY!!!!!!!! One does not sacrifice truth for the sake of convenience or temporary popularity.


Never. I encourage my children to constantly question, to seek answers based in reason and logic and to never be afraid to be themselves


My kids chose for themselves. I have a daughter who's an atheist and a son who attends church regularly. They are both terrific people. I focused on teaching them to think for themselves.

JimG Level 8 Nov 6, 2017

Of course not. That would be immoral. Make sure they know all about the various religions, and give them your point of view (as RE classes in the UK are usually taught by a religious person - usually a christian - so they will miss out on the various viewpoints other than the teacher's).


No.. on the contrary raise him in the truth with the hope he can share it with friends.


Absolutely, positively not. To me, the idea of teaching a child to believe in god "just to fit in" teaches them that it's better to be liked than to be true to yourself. It also breeds confusion and mistrust.

Is God the truth?? don't think so.


(If I had kids) ... Oh hell no.


I don't do ANYTHING to fit in, least of all abuse chldren.


Teaching a child the NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP prEyer IF I SHOULD DIE B4 I WAKE lies is equal to 72 virgin promises to suicide bombers. ....terrorist faiths in action


That the abusive sky daddy will burn them in hell forever if they do certain things? Hell naw. I've been hiding all of the children's bible books my mother has from my child. But I would teach her what is taught and then also the arguments and rebuttals to the teachings.


No way. Religion is tantamount to brainwashing as far as I'm concerned. I'm a recovering Catholic, and I still have irrational moments of guilt associated with nothing more than the brainwashing cult's idea of "sin." I would not EVER do that to my own children.


No. They should choose, not me. "To fit in" is a lousy reason, but I do not put much stock in convention, so I could be biased.

Zster Level 8 Oct 7, 2017

No, in the same way I wouldn't raise them on alcohol or drugs, just to fit in.


My daughter is Very Religious, but that was Her choice and I Approve

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