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Want to get your thoughts and feedback on how to tag groups in posts, comments, etc.

As the groups are growing in popularity, we would like to come up with some posting tools to help interconnect groups with the general discussion posts.

Currently, you can make a link to a group by putting "g:" + the number for the group (yeah, I know, ugly but the number doesn't change if the group owner changes it's hashtag). I'd like to propose that we use a symbol and the group hashtag so it's easier to remember... but have to come up with a symbol to use (some candidates are %, & , + and ^). Thoughts?

Now, making a link to a group is fine in your posts, comments and replies (and chats), but I'm thinking we could enable members of groups to "share" posts they find interesting in the general discussions with their groups. My plan is whenever someone puts a link to a group, then we put a link to that post in the group (but in a separate list called "Shared Posts" ).

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Admin 8 Feb 15

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Ok, just to give you an update on groups. You can now make a quick link to your groups by using '&' followed by the group hashtag (no worries, it's on the bottom of the group home page).

While you're browsing the rest of the site, if you find a post you want to share with the group, click on the "Share" button at the top of the post. It will then list your groups and you can select which to share the post. These shared posts will show up in their own tab on the group page... but the group members will not be notified of it.

Group owners can set who can post, who can share and also block group members from the group.

I think we're pretty close to full-feature set for groups so don't worry about changes for a while. 🙂

As always, let me know if you find bugs.

Admin Level 8 Feb 17, 2018

Why not "@groupId"? Just treat the group like a special user.


I think I'm going to sit back and watch on this one. I've just started moving around in forums and I'm not up to date with the most popular way to do thing's...


I'm not much of a geek just a fast finger typist on my phone


I'm still trying to determine the best method of greeting new members. Possibly a post "Welcome to today's new group members" initial post which is then automatically commented on by each new member allowing them to introduce themself by user name and avatar to fellow group members and identify their current fields of interest eg. In handcrafts #knitting, #crochet, ... In this way an automatic counter can keep track of when the minimum number of members enabling more specialised grouping can split off from the main group to continue their specialisation. Eg. A group of birdwatchers may contain owl watchers who are not interested in budgerigar watching and so when the prerequisite number is identified split off to form their own group. Again facility to link back to originating group to receive and exchange news, eg. of conventions, field trips etc. will facilitate ongoing inclusivity and cameraderie.


I have noticed that there is a tendency for people to respond to original posts with more posts of the same ilk. Eg. In music groups the original post is of "Yellow Submarine" on YouTube. Before you can say hash browns there are responses with links to another dozen songs ranging from more Beatles through Rolling Stones to Cliff Richard. Each response deserves its own separate posting unless each of the replies can be hash tagged with the basic information band-song title-subject. A great programming trick would be for the url of the post the reply is made to to be automatically hashtagged rather than the rather lame "video" that appears.


I prefer to keep things simple. Just one thread that covers everything. That way I can see all the latest posts without having to click on others. You got a tiger by the tail here Admin.

@El-loco imagine trying to find one reply on a year old thread running to thousands of responses during that twelve month period.
Like looking for a needle in a hay stack or as the Dutch put it "Looking for Nails at Low Tide".

@sarahjustme exactly


I was a fan, back in the early days of social media, using @ to tag.

If that's not an option, i vote for +.


I'm confused.
I've already been getting a ton of traffic in the general discussion threads from the groups, are you planning to make that easier?

If that's the case I don't see the point of having groups at all. Everyone can simply post to the general discussion as before. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I really am confused.

I do know I had to leave a group and stop following someone today because I was being inundated by what was being posted in the group showing up in my 'main feed' and dominating everything else.

Thanks for the feedback. Since there are now 2 feeds for users who are a member of a group, if someone is posting a lot in a group, it will flood the "group feed". I'm thinking of limiting the # of posts showing on the main page to 1-2 per group so that any 1 group doesn't over power the list.

I was only thinking that we'd have a tab for "Suggested Posts" that show up ONLY on the group page. This way, members can keep an eye out for posts in the general feed that are interesting to the group.

@Admin it may also be useful to limit group posts to one or two per day. On some we may have the whole of YouTube urled for a specific performer by the end of the week. See also my comment on hashtagging individual replies the same way as the original posts.

@FrayedBear Yes, have to get some limits on group posts.


"g" is pretty easy but gee, I'm pretty easy too.

Just let me know!

Not only that I've now remembered it! thing colon 17!


I'm only participating in one group. It always shows up at the top of my feed.
I'm good with that.

You're welcome at "Traditional and Folkmusic" or "Passions" said he with a cheeky grin!

@FrayedBear Thank you, sir.

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