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What does the holiday season mean to you?

How do you the holidays?

I celebrate this time of year as an opportunity to give, share, and love the people around me. Not that I don't do that year round. This is the time of year I find people are more open to it.

I was raised celebrating Christmas. I find the giving to mean more to me than the religious connotation.

anonymous 7 Dec 25

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Even when I was a believer, they were mostly just a lot of expense and stress mixed with some vague feelgood traditions and some time off from school. My overall feelings about it were roughly neutral, and remain so.

Since our big family holiday is Thanksgiving, Christmas itself is mostly a non-event. This year was more "Christmas-y" at Chez Mordant than usual, in that my wife got a wild hair to buy a small artificial Christmas tree with some basic lighting and decorations, the kind of thing you put in a sack in the basement and bring back out as-is next year. But even with that embellishment ... my stepson is visiting his Dad out of state and it's just a quiet couple of weeks alone for my wife and I.

In fact in recent years I've come to see the holidays as a low-stress time because my client and their clients tend to be taking the whole season off. Hardly any users on our web site and no pressing deadlines and many of my colleagues are laying low. I use the time to get things done that I've been Putting Off, and to get some work goals caught up on in preparation for the annual business meeting in Feb. Since I love and enjoy my work, and find it soothing, this is a positive to me.


A lot of aggravation and stress. Mostly from trying to avoid aggravation and stress.


They used to be days when I could reconnect with family, now they are days.


Doing holiday oriented things with my kids instead of other things. And more time off from work than usual.


The year concluding with memories in tow. Talking to people that you accidentally ignored all year. Finding out about new gadgets you otherwise had absolutely no purposeful meaning to you. The forlorn that being alone can bring on as well as the excitement of anticipation that something new could bud.


It's a time to enjoy family, express love, and reboot emotionally. I love the holidays.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 25, 2018

The Christmas season is a time to celebrate the warmth of loving relationships with good food, gifts and love.


At home, I hate not having time or money to celebrate like with the traditional cooking and gift giving. At work, I hate how some partners and customers act like major dicks. Close to everyone is behaving hot tempered like they a step away from a heart attack or stroke. Enjoying this?? Nah


Just way too many people with noisy kids in shops


Absolutely nothing. Just more days in one's life to do as one desires. That is what life is all about.

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