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Your feelings about ADULT CONTENT on this site?

@Admin has too much going on to deal with this immediately and this is to me is by no means an "immediate need" situation but I do ask...and not to "expose" anyone but myself...

hehe...anyway, it came to my attention some time ago I was getting complaints and being blocked for some of my posts with near nudity...supposedly. I seriously believe most of those were "fundie atheists" who were having more problems with my opinions more than any photos I post...of course, none would ever admit it.

With no further guidelines I've gone with the Fakebook Community Standards, though those are vague and debateable. The link offers some samples and many more are in my profile photos but here is a link to a just posted sample.


There will be a censorship policy established at some time and I would like to get some opinions on it which may be useful in establishing such policies.

The poll can in no way be all inclusive in that so much can be seen as offensive. Please feel free to post any I've missed.

With that disclaimer, if you have to try to appear to be a know it all @$$hole by writing a discourse on why this poll is incomplete, feel free. And, if you're offended by that statement, perhaps you should think about it just a minute...but just block me first...please!

Multi-choice, as it should be.


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DangerDave 8 Feb 17

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So this post has become a moot point. From a message between me and Admin after discovering many posts removed, including those in a group clearly marked WARNING: MATURE ARTISTIC CONTENT

Me: ...Random censorship is the "policy" as I see it so far.

@Admin : Yes, until you can come up with a reason why having adult content on this site improves our ability to promote atheism.

Not a single one of these posts contained anything that could be remotely considered "adult content" in that none contained nudity and any might be seen in any women's magazine, any ad for a cologne or cosmetics, in any PG rated movie.

My days, even hours, may be limited here for exposing this OR for saying this: As an agnostic I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE TO PROMOTE ATHEISM!!! I find it as dogmatic in theism in that SCIENCE!!! is treated as an end all, be all of all knowledge; SCIENCE!!! is considered infallible and, as a result, SCIENCE!!! is treated as a dogma that must be preached and proselytized.

So apparently any post you make can be censored if it doesn't promote atheism and it is the least bit controversial though the owners chose the deceptive title

I am completely disillusioned with this site. I plan to stay to meet like minded people and assist unbelievers transition into whatever they wish to consider as real possibilities...while warning them against what I've come to call "fundamentalist atheism" as described above.

I also plan to meet like minded people interested in my art, those interested in assisting with its realization, and those I may develop special relationships with as a result.

IF you are a fundamentalist atheist, retain the prudishness of your theist background OR are prude simply by nature, PLEASE just block me now. I don't want to know you and I definitely do not want to waste a single breath or keystroke "debating" you about what you could not possibly know.


We are evolving our content policies as questions come up. At the core of our policy is the question "Does the content help the mission of this website?". It is hard to come up with an argument how having adult-content (e.g., soft-core/nude photos or links to same) on this site helps.

Admin Level 8 Feb 17, 2018

I completely understand. For me, its about artistic expression and, since much of my art involves nudity even in the depiction of concepts related to agnosticism, of course I'm interested.

Its no burning desire...I am curious though!

Again, I think it depends on context (& possibly "severity" ) as far as "nudes" go. Speech can also be adult, so, the question is, when & how does that get censored & where does that stop?

It is an adult, mature site. Just don't be prurient or meanly vulgar. If one stoops to that he/she is not mature.

Post an example of your art. I would like to see it. I buy it. Also it pertains to and is very important to the dating aspect of this site. If any woman sees a picture or depiction of a naked person and says that's offensive it would narrow the field considerably as to who I would be interested in.

@Anonbene some samples are in my profile photos but the exclusive rights to any of these would come at a high price. The song lyrics and other literary works are not for exclusive sale at any price.

I have several series for sale if you see a particular model you like. I will do custom shoots if you have any concepts of what you want, with a prepaid stipend to hire a model of any size, shape and color that suits your of the reasons I moved to Vegas.

I appreciate the offer and its very timely, seeing I'm leaving a job in a location that makes me physically ill. I'll add the link to my post I just made today that further explains the situation.

Message me for further details. Again, I've posted no nudes (other than implieds) here but I'm really not concerned if I offend any woman or a lot so long as the art I post here is acceptable to any established community standards.

From the responses to this post that will apparently not be the case. Understand I'm not wanting to post nudes just for the sake of posting them, but to showcase samples of my graphic arts, especially as they apply to my literary and musical works.


Thank you for answering Dave. Going to check it out now.

@DangerDave I've looked for years for a woman coming out of a rock. Like from the pelvic bone up. A body cast of a woman that can be mounted on a granite block and painted to look like she's pushing herself out. Something like this statue I have now. I have the plynth block in the yard already. Any ideas?

@Anonbene Sent you a message.

I understand administrations problem. Majorities feel they are right and justified in imposing their opinions on the rest. Some will elevate their distaste into a moral issue to justify censorship "for the common good".

Rather than block or ignore something, They would rather "someone do something!" to shield everyone from what they personally or philosophically dislike.

It would become very clear in a short time those who gratuitously post nude or sexual images as more or less an act of self gratification. I myself would most likely ignore or block these persons unless they regularly post items of more general interest to me. I find I am usually amused by the phrase "Adult" when connected to most any topic. A misnomer, by far.


Rather than censor, can a NSFW or other warning flag be used to help those steer clear who are easily offended or would rather not see?

Zster Level 8 Feb 17, 2018

I always do for any such photographic content...I could go so far for any of my posts but that'd be a bit extreme. They don't tend to stay long or either learn fast but there are always people here offended by's not always "scientific", y'know.


Apart from the false dichotomy I couldn't give a rat's arse about skin, sex acts between adults, etc. but as for anything goes or you're not truly free, bollocks. Kiddy porn, snuff flicks, animal cruelty and the list goes on, are not acceptable anywhere, my preference would be to censor those with extreme prejudice.

Kimba Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Agreed. That didn't even come to mind but yes, there are limits. Personal liberties should never infringe of those of others, even animals and especially children, in my opinion.

I totally concur. I'm fairly open minded and I'm willing to be exposed to controversial art, but there has to be a line. Some people just want to shock for the sake of shocking.


Personally, I like the state law of Oregon. It basically states that you can be nude anywhere as long as you are not doing anything with the intent of sexually arousing either yourself or anyone else. (Or rather that is how an Oregon Supreme Court ruling, making public nudity a right, has generally been interpreted). That is also generally the rules for AANR, the largest nudist organization in the U.S.

As a naturist/nudist, I don't find nudity by itself to be offensive and in fact am not bothered by it, but I dont' relly care for sexually explicit material. I don't appreciate crotch or body only shots. To me a nude photo without a face is intended to be sexual. Even though I myself am gay, I don't like looking at photos of guys with erections either. That beign said nudity does make some peopelunvomfortable, so...

For purposes of this site though, it is convenient that the "Groups" feature has already been made active. I would suggest that nudity and adult content be limited to "groups" where group rules allow it. That way those who want to post and see adult content can do so with others of a similar mind and/or interest. As long as the content itself is legal itself.

So, allow adult content in groups which are created specifically for that. Those who aren't interested don't have to join those groups, or be exposed to it. For the rest of the site use the general Facebook standards. Although those standards seem to be inconsistent in specifics... people have a general idea of what is or is not acceptable.

I hope my suggestion at least provides a shor6t term bridge solution. As new features come online, such as perhaps video chat, the policy may need updating.

If others redign this agree with my suggested solution, hit like or make a comment.

I don't think some nudity is a problem, but I don't see this as a porn site, so it should be incidental to the message. Any "selling", past a possible mention so that anyone interested can contact you in mssg.s, I think is tacky & shouldn't be allowed. This is a free site, if Admin needs to raise money, they can figure their own ads.

I concur and a group is already here with a content warning the top line.

I'm hoping it attracts a lot of creatives but I'm sure other groups with better and easier to read names will be created with their own censorship, or lack thereof, policies.



Just put a button that will self censor. Personally I feel this is an adult site and we, as adults, should be able to handle a little skin and curse words. Besides, what's next...... censoring things like politics, gun control, etc?

I would be banned for sure...I have the vocabulary of an educated sailor 😛

My first husband was a truck driver; my second husband was a biker. I have embarrassed my children many times with my mouth.

You may remember just a short time ago politics were given their own thread because too many members were getting upset by feeds full of them. Though I never said so, yeah, I'm glad not to see so many anymore myself. I'll read them when to mood strikes me but get involved in them? Nah, no thanks, but if you're into it I'm no one to judge...I'll just breeze past the post.

I post a lot of the late-night monologues & many comedy bits, & a lot of that is politically oriented, but I usually post a description so it's caveat emptor.


I don't see a point in having all that on here unless its in private messenger. There is enough porn and such on line in general.. If this site is allowed to become littered with porn i would delete my profile


I was in this other Atheist/Agnostic site, and a few women would post nude photos that somewhat covered their crotch and nipples. It was all good. Then one day this chunky dude, bam!, posted a completely nude frontal shot of himself - grinning eat to ear. People lost their minds. He was my hero that day. It was funny as hell. He wasn't trying to be a pervert. He was trying to make a point. It was a damn human body. Anyway, they kicked his ass out of the group.

Kudos to that guy! I encourage anyone to spend a day...just a a nudist resort. I have NEVER had an experience that so normalized and "desexualized" nudity.

The 2000 year old abrahamic influences of every aspect of our lives...just don't get me started!


If it's funny ok. Degrading and meant to harm then not ok.


I voted for community standards - not necessarily censorship, but I think there need to be general agreement on what can be expected.

I self-regulate all the time - will my comment be offensive or taken in the wrong context? Is it in keeping with the ethos of the site?

I will discuss contentious issues and some of my opinions may upset or anger others. I will always try to address the issue and not the poster. The problem with text is that nuance and intent is often lost in the words (and my lousy punctuation).

Everything has its place - my question for those wanting to post nudity on here would be "Why is it relevant?"

With a great number of other possibilities, nudity is often part of my art. Relevance? Since this is our social network I feel anything relevant to us is relevant here.

I'm just glad we're not getting the "here's what I'm having for lunch" pic posts...yet. Those I'll definitely "self censor", as I've done with the very few "my pet is so cute" posts we've had so far.

Those too have their place, I guess, but pardon me if I show no interest. Sorry, pet owners!

I enjoy porn, but I am not on this site for porn content. Some nudity in context bothers me not at all. We do have "Pet" groups for those so inclined, & even if posted generally, one can just not click on them. I do agree that we ought to keep things as respectful as we can, just to help keep the dialogue flowing, but some posts demand a bit of snark, hopefully, directed at the post, not the poster.

@phxbillcee "Porn" carries a wide variety of meanings and most people, on or off this site, wouldn't consider anything I've posted such. My art, including my act, is sexy and has been artisticly nude in the proper forums. But no, no sex date anyway. If I ever get to make that movie though...

@pnullifidian Ah yes, the man who also said, "Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself." I'm sure he meant something else entirely then though.


Went with the 'Community Standards' option. While I agree in principle with some of the others, there are practical considerations here.

One of the most important is target audience. If this site allows (a lot of) content that's going to upset potential members enough to stop them joining, then in the interests of membership diversity, we need to look at drawing a line somewhere.

Context is also important. We have a group for nudists here. It's open for nudists to join, it should be acceptable to post non-sexual nude images to it. Anyone who struggles to handle non-sexual adult nudity has no business joining such a group.

I am a member of some sites that I can't use at work, simply because some of the profile pictures are pornographic. Second favourite to having no profile picture at all is men having a close-up of their erection. Obviously, I can't have that open on my desktop in an office environment. I would prefer not to have to add to that list.

Then there's also a matter of different countries' laws on what's legal and what's illegal pornography. Some of the stuff I see on FetLife (a Canadian website) has me breaking UK law when it pops up on my screen here.

So yes, we need censorship for various practical reasons. Finding the correct level, without being heavy handed, is the key. One site I'm on (a naturist one, oddly enough) was censoring the word 'cock' until I raised it as an issue. They didn't want people using it to refer to penises. The trouble being that it also censored entire posts (didn't just mask the words) for using expressions like "Making a cock up", "Cock of the class" or "Cock au vin" It still censors other words - something which I find particularly annoying because it never used to, and it seems to be something that the appointed webmaster has arbitrarily introduced because he, personally, doesn't like bad language.

In most other cases, I'd say "His website, his rules." But he's actually a volunteer, running it on behalf of a national organisation, and I feel he should keep his personal feelings on profanity out of the way that the website is run.

A nudist group?!? I'll have to join! I've stayed at several as a guest and, if money were no object, I'd be living in one.

In addition to the NSFW site ownership issues there are the censorship policies of the server, something you can bypass if you own the server, of course.


Since " pornography" is a construct of a 4th century, syphillis ridden pope who coined the phrase unlawful carnal knowledge, I feel it behooves us, as non religious people, to ignore his religious mandates. That being said, some sort of rating system or warning flag would be appropriate so as to not offend those who are easily offended. Another option could be a way to block specific users from contacting other specific users.

Best reason yet!


Should I be in the mood for pornography, I know where to find it. When I'm not in that mood (most of the time) I don't appreciate it popping up hither and yon. I rather enjoy someone that utalizes a colorful lexicon when they speak, but no xxx on my account.

I agree, in a sense, largely because I don't see a need for depictions of explicit sex acts here IF we're using the same definition of porn. If I felt a burning desire to share a tantric sex position, for example, I could use a link...or the many line drawings available of them.

I'm glad it came up but my interests are more along the lines of artistic and TV-MA nudity to depict storylines. If movie R were needed, I'd personally refer any interested to alternative sites, double entendre intended.


My opinion on sex is that it's degrading and disgusting....If it's done right.


Censorship sucks. Period.
If there's something posted that offends you, go cry in a corner, and then block the
offending party.
As Redcupcoffee said, as long as it's not child porn or animal torture, I don't care what anyone posts. If I don't like it, I'll either say so and why, or I'll just block, or keep on scrolling.
Can we PLEASE not be the people who are so thin-skinned that we can't just let others be?
Just because you're offended, doesn't give you the right to censor anyone.


I personally don't want to see it because I have children who like to look/read over my shoulder... I'm by no means a prude or anything, but I don't want to have to explain myself to my sons' moms... That would involve talking to them and I try not to do that if I don't have to...

But that's MY problem... You do you, man!

So far I have posted a warning for any post with photos I feel anyone might be remotely offended. To date, I've posted only one artistic nude edited to FB standards. Still, if I feel anyone might need it I put this or similar warning at the top of each such post: WARNING: MATURE ADULT CONTENT

Since you have to open the thumbnails on this site that should be ample warning if the kiddies are present.

@DangerDave Cool


I believe we are all adults on this site, & since it is nominally a "dating" site, that's as it should be. That being said, unless there is harrassment, abuse or outright trolling I don't think censorship is the way to go. I have encountered "content deleted", usually in comments on my posts by folk I know were not being abusive or even obscene (whatever that means, but I know it when I see it), & I have no idea what was deleted or why. & I am not the only one with this particular problem. If Admin sees fit to "delete" something they should be specific as to why. My posts are mostly from YT, & they are much stricter than I hope this site intends to get, my comments tend a little racier, depending on subject, but I try not to make them personal, just amusing, & if someone takes offense on something I just usually won't comment to them or follow their post anymore. I will say one last thing. If this site becomes "xtian" in its censorship in the least, meaning strict & dogmatic, I will be gone. There's a reason I stuck around & it's surely not for all the free sex I'm getting!


A designated area works for me. While my kid is grown she sometimes shoulder surfs and I'd rather not be inadvertently perusing something 'blue' in front of her tyvm
Other than that IDC so long as it's not child porn, blood 'n guts stuff or animal torture etc


I really abhor censorship. It's one of the things I don't like about facebook. But if there are people getting offended, I like the idea of having some kind of warning so that people don't have to open it up and look at it. Or a group for those who want to see it.


I havnt seen what you've been posting. I'm ok with nudity I guess. I'd probably just ignore those posts. Any kind of porn is different. If I want to see porn I'd be on a porn site.

I agree with can see something of what was removed in the last few of my profile photos. Implied "non-nudes", mostly in suggestive sequences with storylines...

Anyway, the prudes have won. While there has been no established community standards the "special interests" groups on this site will see it is much stricter than Fakebook.

I've already had links to other sites removed too. Freedom of expression, at least in those areas, are going to be strictly censored on this site.


I guess there has to be some sort of guidelines. I don't like it. But I'm not the one who decided a long time ago that the human body is taboo. Probably was a bad idea.

It was a GREAT idea for those interested in controlling the populace and their sexual behavior. That's just one reason I want to be free of it, or at least as free as possible.


Perhaps this would be a good time to start a group? Just a thought...

Group created! And if you ever come across a post of mine with :::WARNING: MATURE ADULT CONTENT::: or somesuch just below the title scroll no further when the kiddies are around. This site works well in that you'd have to enlarge the thumbnails.

You'll find to date I've not posted anything you couldn't see on Fakebook. I just wanted to get everyone's opinions.


Done! As soon as I saw groups were created!

ThE cReAtIvE tHiNkErS gAlLeRiE (link)



The majority of ladies on here are shall we say of the more mature breed and you are posting pictures of half naked teens of course you are gonna get the rough end of the stick use your noggin will ya !!!

I can accept that. I work with younger models and performers who are also the women I'm involved with, if they're of legal age of course. They are an essential part of my art as well as a personal romantic preference. Whoever can't accept that regardless of gender can overlook those posts or block me all together.

@DangerDave So do you flag those posts so people who don't like them can avoid them?

So far I have if I feel anyone might be remotely offended by it. I've posted only one artistic nude edited to FB standards. Still, if I feel anyone might be offended I put this or similar warning at the top of the post. WARNING: MATURE CONTENT


We are all adults and are all naked under these clothes. as long as your not stalking or being lude its no big deal taking about adult things

Haven't seen 'ludes in ages!!!


Correct me if I'm wrong, but in order to not get sued don't you have to have confirmation that a person is an adult if there is any nudity or "adult" content on a site?

From a legal standpoint yes, and besides the civil suits there are criminal charges as well if the subject were proven to be underage. For that reason, if I'm shooting nudes of a model the first shot is her ID.

@DangerDave CYA is vital in some areas, & a good rule of thumb, regardless.

@phxbillcee Having been in the business for some time CYA is the only means of survival!


We all have the power to choose where we click, and to back out of something we don't like if we have mis-clicked. MOST people, barring neck injuries or other paralysis, have the ablity to swivel their heads and eyes in a direction that faces away from the things they find offensive. Too few people exercise that, these days.

Its sad on this site but I see one censored post (My Demon Lover) "returned" out of nowhere.

A step in the right direction but I still find it laughable a site supposedly for freethinkers must bow to such prudish and theistically "moral" members. Oh well.

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